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Hi All; so sorry to have ignored this website for a few years. But now I am back and hoping we can get more conversation going. Since I logged in last, (???) have had conversations with lots of alumns. Ken Sutelman and I ran into each other getting radiation. Go figure… Have been talking with Dick and Linda Massimilla of course as Linda and I were in the legislature together. She won agian in 2018 but I didn’t . Lots of R’s in my town. I did serve six years. Had a nice mini reunion in Kennebunkport Maine with Biff Meacham, Linda and Dick, Mark and Mary Brady and “The Grogger” and his wife about 4 years ago. Now chatting with Micky Terrone, Sue and Bob Trefsger, Ken Samuals. and Jay Lafferty. When in Maine, we called George Wright in NC. I am pretty much retired; volunteer a lot and still keep my hand in politics. So, what’s with the rest of you?
Biddy O’Brien Irwin