2021 Reunion this week!

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      Mickey Terrone

      Hello again everyone! As we get closer to the October 22-23 Reunion dates, the preliminary weather forecasts look good for the weekend. If the forecast holds up (mid-50’s and partly sunny) for Saturday, we’ll be good for the whole afternoon outside at Coe House (Osteria Poggio) for drinks and the lunch menu starting at 11:00 am and going through at least 3:00 pm.

      Of course, starting on Friday evening at the Mug we’ll meet and greet as we have traditionally done in years past. Saturday morning starting atHello again everyone! As we get closer to the October 22-23 Reunion dates, the preliminary weather forecasts look good for the we 9:00 am, we’ve been invited to visit and tour our venerable old Founders Hall as its complete rehabilitation back into a Bed and Breakfast continues. The main building, the old library and the stone administration building will all be open as a preview of this future HQ for Belknap College reunions. The Center Harbor Historical Society will also be open with its extensive Belknap College memorabilia.

      Saturday night, the main party will be back at the Mug. Attendees can have dinner separately in small groups at Osteria Poggio, other restaurants or head straight back to the Mug.

      We hope you will take this opportunity to come to Center Harbor for the weekend or for Saturday. It should be a terrific weekend with some lovely remaining foliage, good weather, memorable sights and scenes, many alumni, great food and drink and, of course, all the comraderie and fun of visiting with many old friends.

      Hope to see everyone!

      Mickey Terrone and Mark Gleckman


      Founders Hall has been under reconstruction for several years. The letter from Mark Haines, rebuilder of Founders Hall follows below:

      Hi Folks, My wife, Nancy, and I are very excited to share with you an opportunity to tour “Founders Hall” on Saturday October 23, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 noon. We purchased the old estate, the library building, and the stone cottage in the fall of 2017. Mark, owner of Peg & Beam, Inc., has been in the historic restoration business working throughout New England and beyond for the past forty years. Yes, it’s a little overwhelming, but this project is a good fit for us. We also are in love with the Center Harbor area! Our plan is to restore and renovate the property back to its 1904 charm. We optimistically would like to pursue running it as an Airbnb for the 2024 season with 7 – 8 rooms (four will be two room suites). The rooms for the Bed and Breakfast will be in the main house upstairs, with the possibility of one of the smaller rooms on the first floor being an accessible bedroom. The stone cottage would also be available for Airbnb rental as well. The first floor of the main house, the kitchen wing, the porches, decks and grounds will be designed to host guests and small events. Progress to date includes updating and renovating the old library building into two (2), two-bedroom rental units. The upstairs wing of the main house is now home to a large one-bedroom/owners suite. The stone cottage has been renovated as a small one-bedroom unit. The renovation: When we purchased the property in 2017, the power had been cut, the heat, A/C, wiring, plumbing and sprinkler systems were all obsolete, damaged and unsalvageable. The basement had 8” of standing water and the property was uninhabited for approximately 18 years. The first-floor flooring systems had rotted and were falling into the basement. In fact, in the library building, the floor system had actually fallen into the basement. When starting from scratch we had the opportunity to look outside the box to bring life back into the buildings along with making a concerted effort to restore all original antique hardware, doors, finish trim as we can. We decided to provide our heat and A/C needs with geothermal heating. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ground_source_heat_pump And as we renovate space, we’re bringing all the systems up to current code, along with replacing the old windows with new, as one of our goals is to be as energy efficient as possible. Once again, we are very happy to see you all on the 23rd. Feel free to share stories, bring pictures and ask us any questions you might have. Thank you, Nancy & Mark Haines

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