How did you heard about Belknap?

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      Mickey Terrone

      During the Summer of 1966, I found out I needed a degree in English (Journalsim) to get a job a Cub Reporter at the NY Daily News where I had been working as a Copy Boy. I had been at Brooklyn College as a night student but limited credits per semester was agonizingly slow. So I told my mom and dad I’d either try to go somewhere full time or just join the Army. They said “College”! I sent away to the College Placement Service and Belknap was the first school to send me the catalog. Dad and I had been fishing at Lake Winnisquam the summer before so it was somewhat familiar. When we arrived for the visit, Ed Meskys was assigned as my counselor because we went to my HS (St. John’s Prep in Brooklyn). That sold my dad and we didn’t visit any others nor would I go to St. John’s University, so the deal was done. Things worked out pretty well.

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      Nice story Mick….and connected to my finding Belknap as well! After graduating from high school I was working in Weirs Beach during the summer of 1967, and became very friendly with Mick and a number of other Belknap students. They encouraged me to apply, I met with Dr. Brigham one morning at 10am, and was accepted that afternoon….quite a rigorous process😉

      Worked out great for me as well! Grew up at Belknap, made many lifelong friends, and met, dated and married Cindy (Denoncourt). We celebrate 50 yrs. next June!!

      Thank you again Mick, and so many other people who made Belknap such a memorable ride. Let’s hear more stories!

      Mark Gleckman ‘71

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        Meant to say I met, dated and married the love of my life Cindy!!

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      Mickey Terrone

      Mark, BTW, the other guys in the house on Centenary Avenue in Weirs Beach were Billy Rossetti, Alan Cappabianca, Mark Feit and Yogi Collins, not to mention people who straggled in and out over that summer. Yogi also came to Belknap about the time you did.


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        If memory serves, the crowing achievement on Centenary Ave that summer was a 10lb watermelon infused for many days with 4-5 bottles of assorted liquor! Stunning we are still around to share those memories.

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          Mickey Terrone

          Ha! I had forgotten about the watermelon caper. I’m surprised I remember anything from that summer, as the number of residents escalated from four and ended in double figures. The living room reminded me of rush hour on the Lexington Avenue IRT it was so full of people in the evenings, except everyone was holding a drink.

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      Mike Sehl

      Well, my story took place in the summer of 1964 in the big City of Vineland, New Jersey. My Mom had passed away suddenly when I was fourteen, so my Dad, my Brother Jim (7 years older) and I were three bachelors living in the yellow split level that Mom and Dad bought a few years before her death. I saw her that afternoon in the summer of my fourteenth year and got a big hug from her when I went out to be with friends. She was gone the next day.
      I had gone to Catholic School until my sophomore year in High School. I credit the Nuns demanding program through elementary school with my English language skills. Those skills got me through many classes years later.
      One Sunday morning in the second half of the summer, one of our routines was getting the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer and warm sticky buns from a local bakery to eat at home. I was one the floor reading the comics and eating a sticky bun. Dad was sitting in his chair reading the rest of the paper. He found an advertisement in the back of the Inquirer Sunday Magazine that said “Belknap College still had openings in the Fall Classes”. He showed me the ad, where I learned that Belknap was in New Hampshire. The background to this conversation is that I graduated at the bottom of my class because I had refused to do a “busy work” project for the Senior History class teacher, and he was good to his word. His word was that if I didn’t turn in the paper, I would not pass. If I did not pass history, I would not graduate with my class. He was right. I had also dropped the ball in an English class. So, I had to make those up in summer school which was not very hard.
      Dad and I drove to Center Harbor from Vineland, stopped at the Diary Bar to refresh from our 8 hour drive. I may have met Sally Whalen that very day. The Admissions office was a that time in the Stone Building. Our interview was not stressful, but cordial and informative. I had not taken S.A.T.s, but Dad had the ability to put a down payment on my tuition, and I was accepted for September. I love Belknap, the students, and Center Harbor to this day. Had I been mature enough, I might even have recognized the benefits to be deceived from studying, but then I would have stayed in New Hampshire for four years and most likely would not have met Suzanne in Ocean City in 1968.
      If I get the courage to actually finish and publish my first person first novel about my early days including Belknap, you will be able to read …. The rest of the story.

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      Gayle Wyckoff
      I sent away for The New York Times Book of Four Year Colleges. Read through the colleges that had Elementary Education as a major.
      Belknap looked like a good fit because of location and small school vibe.
      Connected with Terri Nanna through our dads. Terry needed a ride to school, so my senior year visited Belknap.
      Terri gave me the “inside” story while driving up.
      Fell in love with the campus and area.
      The rest is history!
      Found my forever friends, which is the hilight of my experience.

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      I heard about Belknap when my uncle, David Pollock, informed the family that he had taken a post at Belknap College in Center Harbor, New Hampshire, to which we replied “where??” So I wrote away and got a catalogue. I always liked the rural life and was eager to get out of Montreal so I applied on a whim. I was waiting on an acceptance to a school in Nova Scotia. Belknap’s acceptance came in first and I figured what the hell and the rest is history as they say. I finished in 3 1/2 years and then went on to Concordia in Montreal in Library Science. I loved working at the White Diamond and Heath’s store and would have stayed in the area if the government would have given me a visa. I usually make an annual trip to New Hampshire in October – can’t climb the 4000 footers anymore but love the scenery.
      Diana Coulter Frizzle

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