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      Mickey Terrone

      Well, we are about 5 weeks out from our 2021 Belknap Reunion on October 22-23. If you haven’t made your room reservations yet, they may be hard to find, so go ahead. If you haven’t posted on the Belknap facebook page, please do, so we can tell the Mug and Osteria Poggio (Coe House) about how many people are coming. Just post that you are planning to attend. Its important for us to give the Mug and Osteria Poggio a reasonable idea of about how many attendees to prepare for. So please take a minute to respond to this post with your name and how many people will likely be with you. Thanks.
      Back in early 2021, when we thought COVID-19 would be mostly a thing of the past by late October, we would be fairly safe despite our age vulnerability and various infirmities. Despite the fact that New England is one of the most highly vaccinated areas of the U.S., we still want to be able to protect ourselves and each other from the Delta Variant. We hope you will be sure you are vaccinated when you arrive.
      As a reminder we start on Friday evening at the Mug, on Saturday at noon through 4:00 PM at Osteria Poggio (Coe House) and back at the Mug for Saturday evening. You can attend all or some of the events or simply meet with your closest cronies at the places of your choice. Weather permitting, we will be able to use the outdoor lawn and tables at Coe House on Saturday afternoon to stay safer during that 4-hour period between noon and 4:00 PM.
      Certainly, face masks are encouraged indoors but that’s about personal responsibility. We simply don’t want anyone unnecessarily to become ill because they attended. Hope to see you in Center Harbor on the 22nd/23rd.

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