David Hughes

       My name is David Hughes, we had the 2nd house up on the left on Maurice Chase Circle, built over the winter of 1962-1963, moving in on April 1, 1063.  My grandmother, Beatrice Obert sold her Locust Inn to the college in 1964, and it became Harper House.  This building is where I had spent all of my summers.
 Just found out about this site, well I am a bit slow.  I was never an official Student of Belknap College, but growing up on Chase Circle, having Belknap students living in our house, listening to music never heard before in a little town of Center Harbor, hanging out at Nichol's, watching the crew races, etc.  I ended up with a HUGE Education never certified by any teaching organization.
    I have lots of pictures and of course year books.  We had the first Jewish Elopement Reception at our home, I don't remember the exact year, but Dr. Frye showed up with his first wife, not his cousin, but she came by also.  If there is any way I can get this pictures to someone, or bring to the next get together.
    I have enjoyed reviewing lots of the pictures on the site.  Brings back lots of memories, especially women like Linda Rattigan, Biddy O'Brien, Paula Adriance, and of course Jeanne Anne Karfo........ she I can never forget.  Lets just say there were a lot of experiences for a local boy with lots of people.  Many of the guys became big brothers to me, as my parents divorced in 1964 also.  When I was 16 I worked for Ronnie Ulm at the sport shop for a couple of years.  GOt to know Woody Halsey and later Tony, ah yes, ask Tony about Halloween 1968 if you want a good story.
    Let me know when the next gathering is going to happen and I will endeavor to dig thru my mother's books of pictures and my own, and get them to someone.  I have recently moved back to Center Harbor, just up from the old Baker House, which I used to know as a local Inn, which name slips my mind as usual.  But Tony Halsey is my back neighbor.
    Thanks for all the pics and memories.  I can never forget them.

PS: I remember when Mel Borrin and Tina first met……….. oh the stories I could tell……….. thanks.

11/17/07-Paula Adriance Rememberance. I remember Paula when she first arrived at Belknap. She was one of two blondes that year. The first year Belknap was open in 1962, there were like 4 women, and the second year maybe 8, but my memory is not as good as others. Needless to say, Paula was a young woman full of life. Reading her obit also shows similar things. I have some fond memories of her while she was a student at Belknap as a friend. The Center Harbor Sport Shop was kinda a hang out for a variety of people and it was fun. I remember her diving thru the ice over beyond the Mount Washington “Cradle”-dry dock, with the WOodaman family. She was always very athletic and involved with not only her college community but also the local. I do not remember what state she came from, but it did not matter, she liked N.H. I went away to college and kinda lost track of her for awhile as we all do as we start our lives. But when i moved back to the area, would run into her here or there. My kids all went to Inter Lakes and I would see her at their graduations; but never had a chance to talk with her. I was totally floored when I heard about her passing. I have met Ted a few times and they had a nice place over by Durgin bridge in Sandwich. SHe will be missed by alot of people, and i hope some of the above words show her family just a bit more of her and her big smile and laugh having had an effect on a high school boy back in the 60’s when she would sometimes pick me up hitch hiking in her blue camaro.

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