Belknap College NH Reunion Oct 2005

Reunion 2005 commentary and pictures. Anyone should feel free add his or her own pictures… enjoy!.

Group Shot at the Mug, 10/05

Best Friends… & Joe

Cathy, Noelle and Jim

Jane Nowotny

Anita Heartstone Marks chats with Linda… hey Anita, I got it right this time… Oh, wait… oh, it’s Hartstone… I’ll get it one of these days…

Tony Halsey with Joe Droukas at the Mug
Susan Sharples Short, happy to see all her old friends…
Tom Whalen in good company…
Joe, always happy and smiling
Frank Marks and Jan Sterling with Jan’s daughter and her boy friend

Jim Mulligan, Bill Sjostedt, Joe Droukas and Joe Kaiser

Elizabeth, Rondi, Debra, Gayle

Gail and Mona pick a winner… we should have given that bat to Rod three decades ago!

Judy and Greg
Liz and Daryl
Noelle and Gayle
Rondi and Jennifer
Hey, Ray! Is that a squirrel under your hat? With Mona, Anita and Nina…
Anita picking up a hitchhiker…
Jan Sterling’s beautiful daughters joined us for the reunion.

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