Memories 5

Who is that Mystery Man?   Suzanne Sehl asked… Did they do this for Belknapians? My mother, 95, just recently passed away. Going through her house found this poster. The last ” Beer Blast” class of 1972 Yale Geftic Here is a link for any Belknap Alum who may wish to see Dr. Frye’s on-line […]

Memories 4

Even more memories… some old, some new… Frank Marks was playing with his iPhone, taking pix, impressing all with it’s ability to surf…. until Anita scolded him to “Put that away!” Noelle, Daryl and Anita getting together in Florida Ed Clancy in Florida, 2/2008 Daryl at Joe Cracker’s Jim at Joe Cracker’s Center Harbor in […]

Memories 3

MORE MEMORIES … post your thoughts and photos below I did what??? Joe Kaiser and Halleck Brenden perform with the Jug Band Baker House Ted Nichols, South Beach restaurant, Boca Grande Ted Nichols and John Bradigan celebrate at Red Sox spring training College Rd near Halsey’s Barn College Rd view The Big House, Halleck Brenden’s […]

Memories 2

Jack Landow found this article in the Laconia Citizen. Thank you Jack for sending it to the website…. Bob Lamprey was a great supporter of Belknap College and the coach of our baseball team. GOOD GUYS ALWAYS WEAR WHITE HATS, by Bea Wheeler, 1/12/2007, used with permission, Laconia Citizen Bob Lamprey likes to recount that […]

Memories 1

In this section, you can write about your favorite memories from your Belknap days, post old an new pictures and share stories of your families and Belknap friends. The following downloads are articles from The Weirs Times, by Mal Fuller and reprinted with the kind permission of David M. Lawton, Managing Editor. “Reprinted by permission […]

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