Belknap Military Vets

Fred L Giordano

Class   of 1970 graduated with a BS in Electronics. Worked in Computer programming and Electronic design/maintenance, Information Systems, Industrial Engineering and Technology environments. Received a good background in EE and science while at Belknap.

Roger P. Rice

re.Military. My name is Roger P. Rice, I live in Lee, NH and work for the Town of Lee. I served in the NH Air National Guard from 1964 to 1970 in Photo and Air Intelligence and received an Honorable Discharge. I went to Belknap College for four years and graduated with a B.S. in […]

Steve Massas

I dropped out of Belknap and did 3 years in the Army from 1968-1971 then came back to graduate. I had no problem with those students who were against the war. He seems to have forgotten that when sworn in we vowed to protect and defend the Constitution, which includes the first amendment guarantying free […]

Jim Miller

Richard, Jim and Biddy, As Director of Alumni Affairs after graduating from Belknap College, I was responsible for the alumni newsletter known as the Belknapper. I regularly received and published news about our alumni who were serving in every branch of the military. (If anyone has copies of the Belknapper I’d be happy to scan […]

Ralph Spayd

Jim & Richard, I want to respond to the allegations made by the individual regarding Belknap College and my fellow alumni. I graduated in May of 1971 and left for active duty in July of that year. I spent 6 years in the US Army reserves and take great offense to the comments. While at […]

Bill Saulnier Class of ’72

I’m a Vietnam vet and a proud alumnus of Belknap.     You might send him the link below with the post from BBS (that’s me)           Thanks for keeping the memories alive.     Regards,     Bill Saulnier Class of ’72

Note from David Hughes

THIS IS MAYBE ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT, FROM A YOUNG RESIDENT OF CENTER HARBOR     Richard, I rec’d an email from Jim and with it your attached email to Biddy and it is very upsetting to me too. Though I was never a Belknap Student, I grew up with a lot of them […]

Reid Edles

When I graduated from Belknap in May 1969 I was recruited to join the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Dept. It was a Federal Law Enforcement position. After the riots in DC in April 1968 Congress passed a law increasing the size of the Metropolitan Police Department from 3500 to 5100 men. Two provisions of the […]

David Dilley 1968 Belknap graduate

I am just one of many who served in the military after graduation from Belknap College.     I graduated from Belknap in 1968 with a degree in Meteorology. After graduation I entered the Air Force and went to Officer Training School in October of 1968. Years of service 1968-1972.     David Dilley 1968 […]

W. Howard Heaton

I attended Belknap College during the mid to late sixties. During my tenure there, the Selective Service (Draft) board summoned my for my pre-induction physical, which I failed due to a physical issue. Had I passed and been subsequently drafted, I certainly would have served my country and served it proudly.     Regards, W. […]

Note from Greg Isola

Jim, Although I personally did not serve in the military, my father served for six years in the U S Army. He was with Patton’s 3rd Army, and landed at Normandy on day five, I believe. I have in my possession some of his military honors, which include two Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star and […]

Note from Mona Phillips

Do not know if it will help, My husband finished his residency in 1975, he had no military obligation, he was not part of the “berry plan” and not part of the draft years. Together we made the choice to join the public health corp, a part of the US Navy. We wanted to do […]


Also, I have no way of knowing if he’s on the email list and have not seen him here in NJ in many years, but ROLAND MOONEY (Class of 1971?) served with the US ARMY in Vietnam.   Jim, Perhaps the gentleman should be reminded that from 1969 on draft deferments for college attendance were […]

Bert Philipps

My name is Bert Philipps and I graduated from Belknap in ‘73, after proudly serving in the Navy for four years. I graduated along with Pierce Guyer who also served in the Navy prior to Belknap and was commissioned in the Coast Guard after graduation. He retired from the Coast Guard as a full Commander. […]

Martin Burns

Martin Burns class 68 368 Combat Heavy Engineers USAR 1968-1992 retired SFC

Bob Goldstein

I graduated from Belknap College in 1971 and proudly served in the 2289th US Army Hospital Reserve unit based out of Wilmington, DE for 9 years. I did basic training in Ft. Knox, KY and AIT in Ft. Benjamin Harrison, IN.     At Belknap, I lived mostly off campus in Holderness and Campton and […]

Louis A. McCloskey COL, (Retired) United States Army

As a graduate of Belknap College, Class of 1971, and as an individual who spent 31 years in the military, 25 years of which were active duty, I take offense to whomever stereotyped the students of Belknap College as draft dodgers. .     The era in which we attend college was unlike any other […]

Richard Detommaso

After graduation I joined the Army reserve and served for six years (1971 – 1977). If I remember correctly Bernie Salles who lived in Woodbridge House served in the Marines prior to coming to Belknap. How can anyone be that stupid to make the allegations that we were a bunch of draft dodgers.     […]

Paul Southwick

I’ll make this short because I am disabled and have difficulty typing. I went to Belknap 1964 thru 1967, served two years in the army and was in Pleaku Vietnam. I finished my military duty and finished Belknap in 1970. Paul Southwick

Lawrence Mack

I am one of many former Belknap College students who honorably served in the Armed Forces of the United States. After graduating from Belknap in the spring of 1970, I enlisted in the Air Force. I attained the rank of sergeant before separating in 1974.     During the dedication of the bench last October, […]

Gene McCaffery

I served in the Air Force from 1968-1972. I was stationed at Westover Air Force Base, MA and RAF Lakenheath, UK as a Medical Service Specialist, Medic, and was discharged as an E-5, Staff Sergeant. I worked in the Air Force Clinic and ER’s at both Westover and Lakenheath.     Gene McCaffery

J. Lavers Belknap College Class of 1968 Vietnam Vet 1968-1970

In regards to the email you sent to Biddy Irwin I would like to say that I am a graduate of Belknap College ‘Class of 1968’, a successful businessman, and I proudly served our country in the US Army (Pleiku, Vietnam) from 1968 to 1970. I also know that my good friend Rusty Newberry (who […]

Mike Sehl

I attended Belknap College during the scholastic years September 1964 through May 1966. I attended the Southeast Asian War Games in the Republic of South Viet Nam during the period of October 1968 through the middle of February 1969 when I was brought home on emergency leave due to illness in my family. That’s only […]

Gerald W. Brooks Meredith

You may or not be familiar with me, joined into the website back in Sep.; Mel Borrin had assured me I was welcomed to join even though I had not attended as I arrived (have not previously being informed by Professor McNamara) after the college closed. I arrived April 1974 – though I’d been in communication […]

Brendan Florio ‘74

I did 6 years in the Army Nat’l Guard trained in chemical, biological and radiation warfare and was ready to serve if called Also, John Brian Coffey, my roommate for 3 years and best man at my wedding was a Vietnam veteran. He has since died from lung cancer. Live, free or die!!! Brendan Florio […]

Rusty Newberry

Dear Biddy/Richard,     Along with Gene, Jay and Dave I spent four years of my life, voluntarily, not drafted, in the US military. In my case the Air Force from Nov ’66 to Nov ’70.     Anyone who cries about Belknap being a place for draft dodgers has no clue as to the […]

Rev. Michael McCutcheon

Hi Jim, it is hard to believe that anyone would offer such threats. For information, I attended Belknap during the school years of 65-67. After leaving Belknap I enlisted in the Naval Reserve and served two years of active duty during 68-70, mostly aboard the USS Charleston, LKA 113 where I drove various types of […]

Note from Victoria Ross

I am a former Belknap student. I am also the daughter of a WWll veteran who was shot down, captured, escaped from the Nazis and then worked with the French Resistance and was there when they liberated Paris. He was awarded the highest honors possible from the Bristish and French governments. My uncle also served […]

John Stansfield

I was shocked to learn of the deplorable behavior of the individual from Tuftonborough, NH claiming to know so much about Belknap College when in fact he knows little if anything about the college. Belknap College gave me and many others a great undergraduate education. I graduated from Belknap College in 1969 with a Bachelor […]

William A. Fraser

December 29, 2010 To Whom It May Concern: I am a 1968 graduate of Belknap College after having served four years in the Untied States Navy. With the help of the GI Bill, I was able to attend Industrial Management Institute in Reading, Pennsylvania. Upon graduating from IMI, Belknap College allowed me to transfer all […]

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