Belknap College Reunion October 22-23, 2021


Founders Hall

Restoration of Founders Hall

Linda Weinberg and Anita Marks

Rod Weinberg with Mark Haines. Mark and his wife Nancy are restoring the Belknap property.

Music for the evening provided by Idol Hands

Paul DeFrank and Judy Neufell Karr with Sally Meredith’s Memorial Teeshirt

Founders Basement

Geothermal heat and AC installed in Founders

Mickey viewing the work

Frank Marks and Tom Good

Frank Marks with Joe and Mary Beth Kaiser

BC Library, now restored to apartments

Inside the restored stone administration building

Master plan for Founders Hall grounds

Some of the ongoing restoration of Founders Hall


  1. Joseph Ferrari says

    I couldn’t make this reunion, but I am thrilled that Founder Hall and the rest of the remaining buildings are getting a new lease on life. Since I now spent almost all of my time in Amherst, NH rather than the house in VA, I will make it a point to drive up occasionally to drive through the old campus. Joe Ferrari (’69)

  2. Great Pics Joe you should visit Port

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