Ed Kimmel

Dear Mr. Drenkhahn,

When I first read the mail from Jim I too was upset. I blew off the destructive steam to my former roommate at Belknap, Mr. Lou McCloskey, and another long time friend Ralph Spayd, both veterans, from whom you have already received a response. Once I settled down, I gave this some thought. Hope this is helpful from a non-veteran point of view. At 17 I was accepted into a 2 year drafting program in Reading Pa. with an option to enroll at Belknap College and a 4 year program. My parents insisted that I get an education above anything else. They were determined to keep me on track to make something of myself and be a productive part of this great country. At 18 I registered with the Draft Board as was required. Soon after I had my first physical and was deferered as a student. During my final year at Belknap myself, along with a bus full of other seniors from Belknap, we were requested to appear in Manchester for another physical and subsequent draft status of 1A. After graduation I visited the Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard recruiters to enlist. Was not accepted at any. Shortly thereafter I was requested to appear for a final draft physical at which time I was rejected for a physical problem stemming from my early teens. I recently retired as a Supervising Quality Control Specialist at PPLs Nuclear Generation Station. Unless I am missing something, this does not fulfill the implications made as a Draft Dodger. I believe the gentleman has us confused with those that departed for Canada, and later returned ; those that refused to register with the Draft Board at 18 and still live among us ; or those that are crossing the boarder illegally, not paying taxes, living among us, have a hate for our government and have more rights than the American citizens themselves. Those are the people this gentleman should be upset with. Center Harbor is a wonderful place and so are the people who reside there, especially those who contributed to our growing up. Please thank this gentleman for his service, and help direct him to the real issues that face our great nation today. Ed Kimmel – Class of 1971.

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