Jim Miller

Richard, Jim and Biddy, As Director of Alumni Affairs after graduating from Belknap College, I was responsible for the alumni newsletter known as the Belknapper. I regularly received and published news about our alumni who were serving in every branch of the military. (If anyone has copies of the Belknapper I’d be happy to scan them and put them on the website.) Sure we had students who protested the war as did virtually every college campus in our country at that time. We also had students who had served active duty, students who were Reservists and alumni who went on to serve after graduation. Unfortunately the Vet from Tuftonboro has lost sight of one of the reasons he served our country – so that people could speak freely without fear of intimidation and violence. He is dishonoring his service with his threats of intimidation and criminal acts. What a shame. Jim Miller 332 Waukewan Road Center Harbor, NH (mail: PO Box 919 Meredith, NH 03253)


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