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Thanks to alumni, faculty, administrators, and friends of Belknap College, we have raised $6,125 to purchase, install and dedicate a granite bench and a historical marker. This will occur October 23rd in Center Harbor. The project committee is very appreciative of everyone’s support and interest. This fund raising campaign on behalf of a school that closed more than 35 years ago is an impressive testament to the spirit of Belknap College that still lives strong within each of us!



Here is a progress update and next steps along with information on the October 22-24 reunion that we hope you will reserve on your calendar to attend. Among many fun events, we will officially dedicate the bench and historical marker to the people of Center Harbor.



If you haven’t already donated, your donation will still be welcomed. It will get your name listed as a donor for the two “projects.” Your money will help fund the bench, historical marker, the footing for the bench, installation, ongoing maintenance, the dedication event and any remaining surplus will help fund the reunion weekend.



Who is the Project Committee?



The Project Committee is comprised of Gene McCaffrey (’68), Biddy (O’Brien) Irwin (’68), Henry Scarfo (’69), and Mike Sehl (attended ’64-’65).



Who is the Reunion Committee?



The October reunion is principally being planned by Mona (Schofield) Phillips (’72) and Judy Neufell Karr (’74).



Where will the Bench & Sign be Installed?



On May 19th, Biddy met with the Center Harbor Selectmen. They were impressed with our fund raising efforts and were pleased with the designs for the bench and historical marker (Click DESIGNS to view the preliminary layouts.) They indicated their strong interest to participate in the October dedication and to accept the gifts. They even discussed who would speak on their behalf. They did suggest that placement of the bench should occur on the grounds of the Nichols Library and the historical marker would be placed near the bandstand.



On May 24th, The Center Harbor Selectman spoke with the Trustees of the Nichols Library and the Trustees expressed equal support and that the granite bench is a wonderful project. At the Trustees’ monthly meeting, they all agreed to place the bench in front of the red maple facing the old college on 25B across from the sign that is dedicated to Barbara Benoit. They also agreed to support us with a historical display of Belknap memorabilia.



The Planning Team’s original thought was to place the bench in Center Harbor with the historical marker “up the hill” on or near the grounds of the former Founders Hall, now owned by the New Hampshire Music Festival. We discovered that the future of the buildings and property owned by the Music Festival is uncertain and may be put up for sale. We also researched the feasibility of a historical marker with the State of New Hampshire that could be placed along 25B near the upper campus. We learned that there are many restrictions on the content of the State historical marker among which precluded use of the Belknap logo, and there was no guarantee that placement along 25B would occur or be permanent.



Costs, Bids, and Order Placement



Gene is coordinating the bench order with Swenson Granite Company in Concord, NH. The bench will be a little over 4’ high, and 5’ long. The Belknap Seal will be 12’ in diameter and will be placed in the center of the backrest. There will be lettering 1” high to the left and right of the seal. To the left it will say “A gift to the People of Center Harbor” and to the right “From Belknap College Alumni, Faculty and Friends.” Under the seal it will be “Dedicated October 23, 2010.” The granite that will be used on the back and seat is called WOODBURY POLISHED. The edges are rough cut and the back of the backrest is sandblasted. The Seal will be hand cut. Total cost including delivery is $2,417. There will be an additional cost to prepare the ground with either a cement base or with pavers. This is necessary so that the bench will not sink into the ground or tip over. Cost estimates for the base are in process and will be about $500. Biddy is discussing installation options with the Selectmen.



Mike has sent requests for quotes to three companies to produce a two sided historical marker that will look similar to the one on the project page of the Belknap website. The historical marker will be about 30” x 42” X 5/8” with the same text on each side with a 7’ post and 22k gold lettering. The cost including delivery is about $2,155.00. There may be a small additional cost for installation. Quotes were requested from Sewah Studios in Ohio, Catskill Castings in NY, and International Bronze in NY.



Both the bench and the historical marker will be installed in time for the October reunion. The balance of the monies donated will be used to support the dedication and the reunion. We will provide more details as plans are fully developed.



The Reunion



The 2010 reunion will be held in Center Harbor the weekend of October 22-24. Already, 88 alumni, faculty, administrators, and friends of Belknap have indicated their interest to attend. This is the reunion event that you don’t want to miss! Please indicate your interest in attending by adding your name to the Reunion 2010 webpage. If you don’t know how to add your name, just email Jim or Henry and we will add your name to the attendee list.



Mona and Judy are coordinating the reunion activities and it looks like a great weekend will be highlighted by the dedication of the granite bench and the historical marker. Here are the activities planned to date:



Friday, October 22: Evening at “The Mug”



Saturday, October 23: Dedication of granite bench and historical marker at Nichols Library (about 1:30)



· Coe House Reception (immediately following the dedication)



· Evening at “The Barn” (Waukewan Golf Club) followed by the band “In 4 the Time”



Sunday, October 24: Informal Farewell



More information on the reunion and places to stay will be posted on the Reunion 2010 webpage as the date approaches.









Gene, Biddy, Henry, and Mike



Belknap College Project Committee

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