Ron Perlik

Wow! After more than 3 decades I’m making another connection with Belknap College. This internet thing is some pretty cool stuff!
I attended Belknap during the 1972-73 school year. I lived in Kahle for a while and then moved off campus to the boat house at the Kona Inn along with Leon Lanzbom, Art, Mark Friedman and Steve Fagan. Leon became a chiropractor, Mark got a pilot’s license and led the youngest successful climb of Mt. McKinley. I transferred to forestry school at Paul Smith’s College in the Adirondacks and returned to Virginia where I have had careers in arboriculture, radio broadcasting and retail sales.
One of my best memories is of driving my old VW beetle from Moultonboro to Center Harbor over the frozen lake. I also remember riding identical dirt bikes with Brendan Florio and Rich. I also did a lot of rock and ice climbing with Mark.
I’m now living 1/2 mile off the Appalachian Trail in Front Royal, VA with my wife and cat. We’ll (excepting the cat) be back in NH for Laconia Bike Week this June (’08) and I’m curious to see what things look like these many years later.
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