Rosemary Spicuzza

12/29/2010-Rosemary Spicuzza

I attended Belknap College from 1968-1972. Since I am a woman, he cannot accuse me of going to Belknap to dodge the draft. However, I do have something to say to this man. All eight of my uncles served in the military during WWII and the Korean War. One fought in the Normandy Beach invasion. Does this man know why the headstones on the graves at Normandy face the west? West is the United States. I had friends who served in Viet Nam; the ones who came home will not even talk about it. This man has stereotyped us as hippie freaks dope smoking draft dodgers. How dare him! I am sure he is not aware that during WWII WASP’s (Women Air Service Pilots) were trained pilots. They did not fly combat missions. Their job was to fly aircraft where needed, supplies etc and instructed men pilots how to fly; they were that good. These women flew B-17 Flying Fortresses’. It was not until 2010, over 60 years later, that these women were finally recognized as heroes’ for their service during WWII. When one was killed, the US Government did not treat them as the men who lost their lives in battle. They did not pay to fly them home to their families to be buried. All the women pilots donated their own money to pay to have her flown home. What does he think of that? I am a member of the Yankee Ladies. They are an auxiliary of Women In Aviation. This summer I drove 12 hours to Ann Arbor MI. to VOLUNTEER TO PICK UP GARBAGE AT A WEEKEND AIR SHOW SPONSORED BY THE YANKEE AIR MUSEUM, which I am a member, IN HONOR OF VETERANS OF ALL WARS WHO SERVED AND ALL THAT LOST THEIR LIVES up to present day. If he has so much to say, ask him if “Sentimental Journey (not the song) Nine-0-Nine, Liberty Bell, Witchcraft, Thunderbird and Yankee Lady mean anything to him. All these are B-17 Flying Fortresses’ that are still air worthy and flew to the show from all over the USA to honor these veterans. Ask him if he knows what “The Angel Flight is? Tell him to listen to the song by Radney Foster. I love my Country now and always have. I respect, honor and thank all the brave who fought and those who lost their lives fighting for my freedom. The flag flies at my home every day. Does he still think that his stereotyped Belknapian would bother to learn all of this if I did not love my Country? By the way, he mentioned the 100,000 drunken bikers who go to Laconia every year are going to destroy our gift? This should make his day, there is going to be one less. My cousin, 66 years old, successful business owner and family man from NY was MURDERED while driving his bike with a friend by a DRUNK DRIVER WHO LIVES IN LACONIA!!!!! After reading all the posts, this man owes every Belknapian an apology, especially to all that served in the Armed Forces after they graduated. He should apologize and thank us ALL. Attached is a photo of the B-17 Yankee Lady, in which I flew, that has been restored to fly by the Yankee Air Museum. This is to educate this man and perhaps next time he wants to be an accuser, he will put his brain in gear before his mouth.

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