Stephen Moses

I attented Belknap ’69-’70, my freshman year, and I was a business major. I transferred to UNH for my next three years of college, but have fond memories of Center Harbor, with its beautiful scenery, and good people. I remember the close knit group of students who attented Belknap back in those days. I stayed in New Hampshire a few years after graduating from UNH in ’73, and lived in Dover, working in retailing. When the unemployment rate increased in New England in ’75, I made my way back to my native Northern Virginia, and lived in Falls Church and Alexandria for the next eighteen years. I became interested in the health care field and went to George Mason University for a BS in nursing in ’82. Subsequently, I worked in hospital med/surg nursing until 2003. I have been semi-retired since. I moved to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, living in Williamsburg since 1993; I am married to an Italian lady from Vicenza, Northern Italy, and have a daughter who is 15 1/2. Would like to hear from people who attended Belknap around’69-70, who remember me and the fun times we had in the Lakes region. I hope to get up to Center Harbor for the 2010 re-union. email- Best wishes to all.

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