Suellyn (Su) Nancarrow Hunt

7/14/11: I attended Belknap Collegw from 1967 to 1971. I never thought of my school as a haven for draft dodgers. Many good friends served in the service before and after attending Belknap. The school changed drastically after the DR. FRYE left and not for the better. I am sorry Dean Taylor, you and your cohorts ruined the school, as far as I am concerned. The quality of student accepted really went downhill. After I left Belknap, I joined the Army. I was NOT drafted. I married my commanding officer. i went on to graduate from nursing school. I loved going to Belknap the first 2 years. I think of Jay, Flip, DAD and the others with love. I am in touch with Diana and Paula often. But is is with great saddness I think of what happened to Belknap in the last years and of its closing! Suellyn (Su) Nancarrow Hunt

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