William Walsh

This is Bill Walsh, class (I suppose) of 1968…that is, I finished in January of ’68 and never returned for graduation ceremonies. By that time, I was working (with Steve Hatch) at the Instrumentation Labs (aka Draper Labs) in Cambridge, MA, on a NASA contract to provide the programming for the APOLLO moon missions. I worked there for 2 years, then left “industry” forever. At various times, I have worked as a surveyor, taxi driver, snowmaker and mechanic. I owned a foreign auto repair service in Londonderry, NH for about 12 years. Later, I sold real estate in southern NH for about 10 more years. I still hang my own RE Broker’s license, but don’t actively pursue listings or buyers, my intention being to return to that field in my “retirement”. For the last 14 years, I have been a rural mail carrier, most recently in Pelham, NH. (I just realized that Paul DeFranc, my state union steward, is also an alumni.)
I’ve lived most of the time since graduation in southern, NH., the last 24 in Bedford.
My wife, Jeanette (“Nettie”) and I have been married 36 years this labor day, and we have one daughter, Brigid, age 22, who has finished community college (SMCC) in Portland, ME. She has moved to Philadelphia and will be continuing at U-ARTS in the fall. Nettie is an RN/CCRN, and has been 36 years in the ICU at the Elliot Hospital in Manchester.
My address is 118 New Boston Rd., Bedford, NH. 03110 and e-mail is docvox@yahoo.com

I can add a few names of people I have been in touch with:

Howard Heaton works with Citizens Bank and lives in the Norton, MA. area. We went to a Pats game together a few years ago, and later I attended a surprise birthday party for him.

Gary Neuroth was living in the Phoenix area but moved, I believe to northern AZ about 2 years ago. I have his address and email and we are in occasional communication. (More recently, they now have places in both Flagstaff and Phoenix. I have both address if anyone wishes). He and his wife are essentially retired and seem to travel a great deal. When we last “spoke”, he indicate that he would be coming east this summer, but I haven’t heard since.

John Sutherland, (who, I believe was ’65 and who I was introduced to by Steve Hatch), was recently living in Portland, ME., where he had a company, but has, in the past 6 months, moved back to the left coast. (In more recent communication since I wrote that, he has returned east and I know he has been on this site, so I’ll leave it to him to update his info with his own posting).

John today sent me addresses for both Steve Hatch and Carlos Macaya.

I used to see Roger Rice frequently when we were both active in Real Estate. I don’t see him these days, but keep posted on his whereabouts through his sister, who is a close friend and occasional dinner guest.

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