George Sanborn

Quite by chance late last night I stumbled upon the Belknap College Alumni website. I had not known there was one, and I just happened to google “Belknap College” for something to do. Was surprised to see how active the alumni have been. Glad to know that you have been so dedicated to putting together such an attractive and interesting site.

I am writing to say that a number of alumni from the first year of the college’s existence are not on your list of alumni. I presume your list is not restricted just to those who actually graduated, but that it also includes others who might have attended at various times.

I was a student during the first year of Belknap College, 1963-1964, before transferring to Boston University the following year. My parents owned the Coe House, and I lived there. We also rented out upstairs bedrooms to nine of the female students. My parents rented those rooms just that one year, and decided not to do it thereafter. A few years later, my parents sold the house and property to Belknap College and moved to a house up Plymouth Street, near the foot of Center Harbor Hill.

If you don’t mind, I will list the names of friends and fellow students from that first year of Belknap College whose names are not on your list of alumni:

– George F. Sanborn Jr. [myself, from Center Harbor]
– Pak Ho Lew [he could make a mean egg-drop soup!] – Fred Roth [from Queens, N.Y.] – Wayne Skala [from Long Island, N.Y.
– Ilka “Terry” Ashton [from New York City] – Pamela Wyckoff [from N.J., I think; her father had some position at Belknap College] – [can’t remember his first name] Hoffman
– Arthur Edgar [he was a student before he became the policeman] – Mark Kahle
– Jan Goodhue [female, lived in one of our rooms at the Coe House, from Wolfeborough, N.H.] – Arthur Solomon [killed in a car accident in Massachusetts a long time ago, leaving a wife and little girl; from Moultonborough, N.H.]

Those are the missing ones who immediately come to mind. If I think of any others, I’ll let you know.

When is the next reunion? I just might turn up, although I probably would not know anyone there. I have not lived in Center Harbor for years, but like to go back once in a while and make sure the Coe House and Red Hill are still there. Lots of fond memories of that year at Belknap College, now such a long time ago.

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