William “Bill” Mullen

William Henry Mullen, Jr.
December 3, 1948 – November 11, 2023
Bill Mullen passed away on November 11, 2023, in Dover, New Hampshire. He was 74 years old. He will be sadly missed and will always hold a place in our hearts. Bill was originally from Malden, Massachusetts, and also lived in Arizona, California, Maine and New Hampshire. The one thing that all who knew Bill will remember was his quick wit and sense of humor. His love of living on the water, spending time with friends and pets, and enjoying wildlife were his real passions. Bill had several pets during his lifetime and often said that he believed they would come to greet him on his passing, we hope that is true. He volunteered in several animal shelters giving of his time and money. Bill was also an avid reader and enjoyed nothing more than an afternoon with a good book. How do you sum up a lifetime of memories and accomplishments in a few words? Of Bill it must be said that he enjoyed life, traveling locally, meditation, good food, and animals. Bill also spent time with Professor Ed Meskys, keeping him company and reading to him to comfort him in his failing eyesight. Bill is survived by his wife, Deb. In lieu of flowers, a donation can be made to the donkey rescue, Save Your Ass and Long Ear Rescue, 23 Saw Mill Road, South Acworth, NH, in remembrance of the pets he had in life. To express condolences, please visit: www.peasleefuneralhome.com

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