10/24/11 Belknapians would be proud of the presentation Gene McCaffrey gave to the Historical Society. The presentation by Gene was well organized, well presented and well received. Following the presentation there were numerous questions for Gene about the College and the students. Gene also presented the Historical Society with some yearbooks and a Meredith publication extolling Dr. Frye when the school opened in 1963 that was given to him by another Belknap Alumnus.



On a less serious note one question that came from the audience was whether or not it was true that some Belknap students released the mooring lines on the Motor Vessel Mt. Washington. We could not verify the story at the time, but I have it from knowledgeable sources that yes that did occur. P.S. The Mt. Washington is still in service on the Lake. Anyone who wants to fill me in on the story can write to me at mdsehl@earthlink.net – This alleged incident is well beyond any criminal statute of limitations in New Hampshire or Puerto Rico.

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