10/3/09…..Hi Mike

10/3/09…..Hi Mike. What has been discussed, over the last several months, and I’m guessing more than a couple of hundred emails between, Biddy (O’Brien) Irwin, Mike Sehl, Jim Mulligan, Henry Scarfo and myself, is to have the bench, which will have the College Seal on the back-rest along with the wording that will say, or close to it, ‘WITH APPRECIATION, THE ALUMNI, FACULTY AND FRIENDS OF BELKNAP COLLEGE’, placed in Town in the new park that the town is considering. The park will be near the town Library. The sign would be placed somewhere in the Town, again possibly in or near the park with the wording that you see in the PROJECTS section. The plaque, if we get the approval of the NHMF, hopefully can be placed ON the building and if they don’t approve that at least near it and the plaque would be placed on a boulder. As soon as we have the complete price for the bench with the engraving we will then post the cost for everything. Right now, the only thing we are wating for is the final cost of the bench after the engraving. It will be at least a week or so for me to get the final cost of that, at least I hope. The Seal may look simple, but according to the engraver is very intricate. I know this is a bit wordy, but we, as a self-proclaimed committee I guess, want to make sure we get it right and that all of our friends and fellow Belknapians are pleased with what we do. Mike Sehl and his wife should get all the thanks for suggesting this beautiful idea. I do have to give a big thank you for the webmaster for setting up the special email for us. I hope this helps a little bit Mike. I apologize for the length. Please feel free to continue to ask questions, that is what we want. Of course, if the NHMF gives us the OK to put the plaque there that they will allow us to come onto the property to view it. If they ever sell it, I cannot answer that. Gene. WHEW!

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