2/5/10 Hi everyone! We have some updated information regarding our hope to place a plaque in or near the old Founders Hall. Right now the building and property is owned by the New Hampshire Music Festival. I received an email from them yesterday, 2/4/10, and they informed us that they are going to sell the property on College Road, Founders Hall and the surrounding porperty. The property has not been listed as of yet. That will make it impossible to consider putting any plaque on, in or near “Founders Hall.” We are now thinking of approaching the Selectmen in order to place the plaque somewhere in the center of the Town. We will keep you up to date in future messages. The fundraising is slowing a bit, so if you have not given, please send in your donation at the address listed under my December 12, 2009 message. Thank you, Gene, ’68.

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