8/5/11 – Mick Terrone

8/5/11 – Mick Terrone – To add to Mark’s comments, I can confirm that it was only the issue of finances and Belknap’s ultimate inability to secure the HUD Grant for our permanent library the sounded the death knell for the college. The entire administration worked long and hard to secure the grant. And that included Dean Taylor. As I recall, numerous students attempted to keep the school going after the Board of Trustees officially voted to close Belknap. I believe the student body in 1973 was just as committed to Belknap as it was in 1967-68 during the Greens for Graduation campaign. They just dressed differently and had other means of getting high – just as college students did on most every other campus around this country. I suppose the ‘63/’64 alumni shuddered to think of the lifestyles of the ‘69/’70 crowd.



In reality, the students who attended Belknap during 1971-74 have contributed at least as much to the enduring legacy of Belknap College as any group. This web site is the product of one of those alumni and the reunions which we now enjoy are largely the product of a closely knit group of female alumnae (some of whom had the college close before they could graduate). This group has essentially served as the nucleus of our efforts to expand their reunions to involve all alumni.



Belknap has a small, finite and ever shrinking alumni base. At our advanced ages, I think its fair to say we have a lot more in common to enjoy sharing than we have to hold against each other. The wonderful campaign of 2010 that culminated in the historical marker and the granite bench that now grace Center Harbor were the product of the combined support of Belknap alumni from throughout the College’s history. I believe we all feel similarly about our great experiences at Belknap and we can all be proud to call ourselves alumni – and respect each other and participate as actively as possible while we can physically do so.

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