Andy Matura

I served in the Army between November 1965 and August 1968. I attended Belknap College between September 1968 and June 1972 when I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Meteorology. During my Freshman Year, I was awarded the Charles Ahonen Full Tuition Scholarship which remained with me until I graduated. Based on my academic record at Belknap, plus my Graduate Record Exam grades and personal interview with the Chairman of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell University, I was admitted to the Cornell Graduate Program with a full Research/Teaching Fellowship which not only covered tuition but also paid me a salary. I graduated Cornell with a Master of Science Degree in Atmospheric Sciences with an Environmental Engineering focus. I will retire sometime in 2011 but I enjoyed a 35 year career working in industry as an Air Pollution Meteorologist/Air Quality Analyst.

I don’t want one shred of the above information shared with the “visitor from Tuftonborough,” He lost his right to a reasonable response when he made threats, veiled or otherwise, about destroying public property. When threats of this nature are made, the police should be informed.This isn’t Nazi Germany and it’s none of his business how many Veterans attended Belnap. And if his own veteran credentials are legitimate, he should be ashamed of himself. This is America, pal. What was it you used to say? “America…Love It or Leave It!”

Andy Matura

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