Dominic F. “Mickey” Terrone, ’70


Gentlemen: As a Belknap alumnus and former member of the 368th Engineers Battalion (US Army Reserves) in Laconia, I can assure you there is no validity whatsoever to the charge that Belknap College was established as a draft dodge. Drs. Frye and Brigham had worked hard for years to found a college, beginning with Canaan. Their efforts had nothing to do with the war or politics. They were great scientists and educators.

During my freshman year, I attended a meeting held by Belknap’s Crew Team Coach, Colin Norberg, who also happened to be the Commanding Officer of 368th Engineers at that time. Mr. Norberg, a Laconia attorney, spoke convincingly about how his unit needed volunteers and how it was a good opportunity to serve the country despite the fact that we’d have to interrupt school for 2 quarters to complete basic training and advanced individual training. Virtually every one of the 15 or so students who joined all served our 6 years and at least one stayed in and retired after 20 years. I seriously doubt Mr. Norberg would have associated himself with Belknap if he believed it a draft dodge haven.

Beyond that, one of my closest Belknap friends joined the Army after graduation, went to OCS and became a 1st Lieutenant in the Rangers 82nd Airborne. There were several students who were veterans before they even got to Belknap. There were plenty of female students who were not dodging the draft.

I have to wonder on what basis this person came to his conclusions about Belknap. I wonder what relationships he might have had with students, faculty or administration – or if he has other ulterior motives for his imagined protests. Besides, I question the patriotism of any American who resorts to brownshirt style threats of violence. Maybe he isn’t aware that every college was a place where students could go to avoid the draft. Was it only Belknap students who attended college just to avoid the draft while everyone else just happened to be in college?

This is a free country and any fool can make any accusation he wants. Its clear this fellow from Tuftonborough fits easily in this category. It is important for me personally to squash these abased falsehoods about Belknap College, even 30+ years after it closed.

Far from offending us, you and the Center Harbor Town officials have helped us stand up to these perfidious accusations and we thank you for that.

Best regards,

Dominic F. “Mickey” Terrone, ’70

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