Gerald W. Brooks Meredith

You may or not be familiar with me, joined into the website back in Sep.; Mel Borrin had assured me I was welcomed to join even though I had not attended as I arrived (have not previously being informed by Professor McNamara) after the college closed. I arrived April 1974 – though I’d been in communication with Professor McNamara nearly a year earlier while I was yet serving a tour in West Germany. I like to say I went to college, but the college closed when I got there.

Well, I’m not very social but I must say I looked forward to sitting on that bench come spring, I’d hate to think that 100,000 motorcyclist might remove it as I sat there. It was from that location that on seeing the bay and the beauty of NH that I decided to stay. I have many acquaintances here, (I’m originally from S. Dakota) many who I consider friends that always say ‘Hello’ and are willing to talk. I’m a Vietnam Veteran, served from Apr. 64 to Dec 68 – having re-enlisted Dec 65 (while serving in W. Germany) to go to Vietnam – not many Korean – Vietnam Veterans that can say that, at least note that early in the game. Served 1 1/2 yrs. there, then finished my second enlistment in Ft. Carson, Colorado. I enlisted a 3rd time in Apr 71 and on finishing my tour in West Germany in Apr. 74 arrived here. Have been here ever since.

I may be wrong, but I believe that Belknapians are a special and mixed lot of individuals who share an affinity of joy of life and the possibilities it gives any that seek to achieve. Even I, a late-comer have been given welcome.

Remind the Vet. that I chose to serve then and I did so for freedom; but not the freedom of those who would choose to destroy others property, and that I consider that bench as much my property as an Alumni of Belknap College as all the rest. I really look forward to sitting there.

Gerald W. Brooks Meredith

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