Larry Nork

So, after all these years, and after speaking to Jim Mulligan last week …

Beth and I (yes, we’re still married – it was 43 years this past July 5th) live in Mount Laurel, NJ. We have 4 kids now: 2 sons, Kyrrah, 42 and Alex, 19; and 2 daughters, Melia, 35 and Kalea, 33 also 2 dogs and 2 cats. As some of you might remember, Kyrrah was born in Laconia while I was a senior at Belknap. Our 2 daughters were born on Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands while I was working out there at the receiving end of the Pacific Missile Range. Alex, our youngest, was born in NJ. Kyrrah is in Washington state now, Melia wiles with her family (including our 2 grandsons) in Hoboken, NJ, Kalea lives in New Hope, PA, and Alex is beginning his sophomore year at Ohio State where he is on the men’s gymnastics team. Beth and I are doing fine, as healthy as old people like us can be. Beth works for Burlington County where she trains in-home child caregivers and inspects their in-home facilities to make sure that they have the required number of cockroaches available for the children to play with. I’m working for Raytheon keeping all of us safe by designing and selling ballistic missile defense radars to the US government and any other customer with the $$$ to buy them. I spend a lot of time in Massachusetts; my office is in Woburn, MA.

We are very interested in hearing from all our old friends, especially the Baker House crew – Mulligan, Neuf, Ted Nichols, Bruce Schwartz, James Craig McComb Sinclair, etc., from our days in the foothills of the White Mountains. Our contact information follows:

Home phone: 856-231-0842; Beth’s mobile phone: 856-630-5878; my mobile phone: 401-248-3845; home e-mail:; my work e-mail:

We’re looking forward to hearing from folks.

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