Louis A. McCloskey COL, (Retired) United States Army

As a graduate of Belknap College, Class of 1971, and as an individual who spent 31 years in the military, 25 years of which were active duty, I take offense to whomever stereotyped the students of Belknap College as draft dodgers. .



The era in which we attend college was unlike any other in our Nation’s history. It redefined who we were as a Nation and proved that our democratic values work. I can honestly say that as a young man in that era I to had questions about many issues that were taking place Nationally. That does not put me or any of the individuals that I knew at Belknap in the category of being a draft dodger.



During the years of 1970 and 1971 I resided in Wynn Lodge and Harper House. I know of 4 individuals who were veterans, all served in Viet Nam, and 4 others who were members of either the National Guard or the Reserve. I know of 2 besides myself that enlisted following graduation from Belknap. Whomever this individual is does a disservice to us all by his unfounded remarks.



Please feel free to provide this gentleman with my e mail: louis.mccloskey@yahoo.com. and I will gladly discuss his concerns.



Louis A. McCloskey COL, (Retired) United States Army



PS: Please thank the gentleman for his service to our Country.

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