Mike Sehl

 My father found an ad in the magazine section of the Philadelphia Inquirer in the summer of 1964.  He and I drove to Center Harbor and had our admissions interview. I think the criteria at the time was a parent willing to pay tuition. I spent the Fall of 1964 and academic year 65-66 at Belknap.
  I then attended the University of Miami for a year (The University, not necessarily classes), then after a tour in the United States Army in occupied Alabama and South Viet Nam, I finished my undergraduate degree at the cold and windy University of Buffalo (SUNY)(Anthropology). Law School was in hot and muggy Houston, Texas.
  My wife and I met at the Jersey Shore (a summer romance) in 1967. We've been together ever since. She has put up with a lot. We learned sailing together(ask her about the Boom), sailed Lakes Erie and Ontario for a number of years. We learned to ski (well some of us did) in Western new York - ice all the way down.  Along the way, we have raised two fine kids into real people ( I don't think we scarred them too badly). We have two grandsons, Mason and Carson who lives only an hour away.
  We fly out of the Pottstown (Heritage) Airport in a well used Piper Archer ll. Suzanne and I made it to the Fall 2007 reunion. It was great to see Center Harbor again and even greater to find people old enough for me to remember and meet again. The Canoe restaurant, Coe House and the Mug.  We also joined in the Florida mini reunion in Ft. Lauderdale in early 2010. So good to connect with old friends and new friends that have shared the Belknap experience.
  I have gotten to work with some really great people: Biddy O'Brien Irwin, Gene McCaffrey, Jim Mulligan, Henry Scarfo and of course my wife Susie on the Belknap Memorial Projects.  Thanks to Belknap I've gotten to know these people anew.
  We have a guest room and are not far out of Valley Forge.

Mike & Suzanne Sehl, 106 Leonards Lane, Phoenixville, Pa. 19460. (610)495-1836


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