Ralph Spayd

Jim & Richard, I want to respond to the allegations made by the individual regarding Belknap College and my fellow alumni. I graduated in May of 1971 and left for active duty in July of that year. I spent 6 years in the US Army reserves and take great offense to the comments. While at Belknap I knew several Vietnam vets and active reserve members. It’s a shame that “someone” can be so misinformed as to make accusations and threats without gathering any facts. But the exercise of our freedom of speech is not always comforting and or made by informed individuals with facts. I do hope that this individual understands his freedom of speech does not entitle him or anyone to make theats or destroy public property. I attended the October college reunion and enjoyed revisiting Center Harbor. I hope that these disparaging remarks in no way impact the town & the cordial relationship shared by the alumni. Please feel free to call me anytime at 717 367-9132 if I can be of assistance. Regards, Ralph Spayd

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