Rodney Pahl

Rodney Pahl passed away early this week; I believe it was December 22, 2008.
He died at his home in Rochester, NH.
He will be missed greatly by his friends and family; he was
a loving, generous friend…. info sent by Patti Frabotta

This is what Rod had said when he posted…

Hey kids! Let’s see I returned to New Jersey after graduating in 1968 and worked as a supervisor/manager for Conoco Oil in their customer service dept. I got married to a wonderful young woman and we still are friends but it didn’t last (too much booze and drugs which I stopped in 1983). I packed up my stuff, and cat with 5 kittens jumped in my 1962 Ford Falcon (kinda a puke green color) and headed to Maine! I rented a house with Margret Oliver’s brother Richard and partied the summer away! We still see a lot of each other and I usually have Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner with them. I married one of their cousins it lasted 9 years and eventually moved to New Hampshire! I was a senior salesman for a wholesale distributor to lumber yards most my life. I returned to graduate school and got 2 Masters one a M.Ed. and the other a M.S.W. I worked in the field 9 months as a therapist too many sick people so I figured well I’m outa here! So I took a medical leave of absence and returned to sales. I am semi-retired now and dabble in buying and selling antiques and high end collectibles, some rental properties and playing the stock market! My life has been full and when I was selling in N.H. I would often stop in Centre Harbour and eat lunch by the old classroom and barn at the foot of the campus! It was great in the 1960’s sliding down the hills in town on rocking chairs; taking baths in the “Dumb Animal Fountain” in the center of town; demolition derbies on the lake with old Pacards; diving off the Mount Washington; and Drinking games like “Wales Tales”. I will never ever forget Minnie Nichols, Art Edgards in his Volkswagon police car blue light flashing chasing me down Parade road when I was out past curfew and my favorite teacher Dr. Tracy. I now live at 35 Upham Street Rochester, NH 03867 phone 603-335-8610 and you can e-mail me at Well this was updated 1-14-08. Drop a line

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