Verne Acey

Contact info: Verne Acey

PROFILE: I graduated from Harrisburg High School in 1972 and attended Belknap College 1972-73 and part of 1973-74 school years (until the school closed) I was enrolled in a program for minority students and was involved in a work-study program. My major was Sociology. I lived on campus the first year and moved off campus to a cabin on the lake. I had a cousin who also attended name Tim Jones who some may remember; he’s since deceased. After Belknap I transferred to West Virginia State and spent my career in the Social Service field. I am retired and spend my days as an artist and jewelry designer and running a non-profit arts/cultural organization that works with inner-city youth.

I am interested in contacting some of the students who were involved in the Minority Program during those years, possibly from New York or Philadelphia. Unfortunately I can’t recall full names. I’ve since changed my name to Latifah Shabazz and I can be found on Facebook

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