7/07/2011 (Ken Sutelman)

7/07/2011 (Ken Sutelman) – 2011 Belknap “get together” . . . . . EVERYONE WILL BE EMAILED THE DETAILS AT THE BEGINNING OF AUGUST . . . . . DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH THE 50th ANNIVERSARY REUNION SCHEDULED FOR OCTOBER 2013. This will be a smaller get together of those who can be in Center Harbor, NH the weekend of October 22, 2011. We will schedule an event for Saturday evening, and, discuss other get together activities depending on the attendance. STAY TUNED STAY TUNED STAY TUNED send emails to kensutelman@metrocast.net if you are planning to attend or if you have any questions/suggestions. Last years reunion was a lot of fun, so why not have fun every year!!!

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