John Sutherland

I entered Belknap in the spring of 1964, and studied for two semesters at Belknap. I had attended the College of Advanced Science (Dr. Frye’s earlier college in Canaan, NH), and left in December 1964 to return to Boston and complete my degree in business at Northeastern. While at Belknap, I lived in the Clark House (anybody remember that place?) and had guys like Steve Hatch and Tom Munn for room mates. We had a rowing crew team that year, and I was in seat #2 (small size guys up front) and we nearly beat Dartmouth in our one competitive heat. Classmates I recall being close friends with included Bill Walsh, Steve Hatch, and Carlos Macaya, and in fact, Steve, Bill and I ended up working at MIT/IL during the Apollo Program.

I spent many years in the computer industry, working at both MIT and Cal Tech on space programs, working at Digital Equipment and Kingston in the computer industry, and running a few small businesses of my own.

I completed my second business degree in August 2011 at USM in Portland Maine, focusing on finance and economics. I relocated from Maine to Colorado after graduating for a couple of reasons. Business in Maine was pretty poor (Forbes ranked Maine #50 in 2010 and 2011 for business climate), and I have three daughters at college in Colorado. But, even here in Colorado, the economy sucks. We are really in a depression, and I have lost all faith in the federal government for abiding by our laws, for providing us with a stable money system, and for protecting our freedoms and liberties.

John Sutherland, 26 March 2012,
PO Box 18922,
Denver, CO 80218-0922,
Cell: +1 (207) 233-0624,


  1. In 2015 I moved from the front range of the Colorado Rockies (Denver side) to the backside of the Rockies (west slope). The west slope is much less crowded and far easier in which to live. My neighbors are now mule deer, wild turkeys, and the other occasional wild critter.

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