Michael Hutt

I have worked in Scranton, PA for sixteen years (1969 – 1985). The first twelve years for an Architectural and Engineering Firm and the last four years for the U. S. Army, at Tobyhanna Army Depot. I got a divorce from Susan (she worked in Mr. Macosik’s Office with Jim Miller) in 1974 and Married my present wife (Christine) in 1979. We moved to Atlanta Georgia in 1985 still working for the Army at Forts McPherson and Gillem, Chief of Engineering. We had two children. A daughter Kimberly who is now married with five children of her own. A son, Benjamin, who was killed by a careless driver at the foot of our driveway at the age of six (February 1995). I will never forget the snow January-February 1969 (73 inches on the ground) and walking around in tunnels. My E-Mail address is: huttm@forscom.army.mil. I live at 517 Cascade Drive, Lilburn, Georgia 30047.

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