Note from Greg Isola

Jim, Although I personally did not serve in the military, my father served for six years in the U S Army. He was with Patton’s 3rd Army, and landed at Normandy on day five, I believe. I have in my possession some of his military honors, which include two Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star and a Silver Star medal. He retired a 1st Lieutenant. Charles J Isola was his name, and I know that he would stand at our side, and defend our right to honor the people and town of Centre Harbor, who welcomed us with open arms when we were residents of their town, and the other towns where we resided during our attendance at Belknap College. I have erected a flag pole at every home that I have ever owned, and proudly fly the flag of our country. When I attended Belknap, my next door neighbors were Chet and Louise Frame. I believe that Chet was a resident of Meredith, and had served in the Coast Guard, in Vietnam. Another close friend was Big Bill. I do not remember his last name, but he drove an MG B. I would assume that there were many students at colleges all over the country who did not serve in Vietnam, and so I am baffled that someone would single out Belknap as an un-American Institution of higher learning. I myself was involved in the second draft lottery, was assigned number 269, and that year number 144 was the last number picked for the draft. I had applied to the Service Academies, with New York’s Mayor Wagner as my sponsor, but was turned down for admission due to my eyesight. I consider myself to be a “Card-Carrying American”, just like my father. My family sent two uncles to the Navy, one uncle to the Submarine Service, one cousin to the Marines. I will stand proudly with other law abiding members of the Belknap Alumni in the face of this blatant insult. If destruction of property is the only way that this group of people can show their feelings, then that in itself shows their true colors. This may not be the most eloquent letter that I have ever written, but it expresses my true feelings, when attacked by people of small mind, regardless of the size of their V Twin. Greg Isola Class of 73.

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