Rev. Michael McCutcheon

Hi Jim, it is hard to believe that anyone would offer such threats. For information, I attended Belknap during the school years of 65-67. After leaving Belknap I enlisted in the Naval Reserve and served two years of active duty during 68-70, mostly aboard the USS Charleston, LKA 113 where I drove various types of assault boats. Through nothing other than luck, I never got to Viet Nam and was released from active duty in 1970 and moved back to Meredith, where my family and I lived for 25 years. I returned to Belknap in 1970 and graduated with a BA in History in 1973. I am now a retired, ordained minister in the United Church of Christ (Congregational Church) As a member of the Legion, I am proud of my time at Belknap and my service to my country. Rev. Michael McCutcheon

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