Robert Sutton

Robert Sutton here, I graduated in 1970, Larry Mack my was my roommate at Harper house, I had previously lived at Baker House under the watchful eye of Gene McCaffery. I signed up for the Army as a cryptanalyst and went to Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, TX for my training in SIGINT and electronic warfare; did training at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland for small arms and finally took training at Fort rucker for helicopter school flying UH1 helicopters for the Army Air Force.

I am living in Raleigh, NC. I drive a big rig all over the place. I am married to Sue my wife and have 3 children of my own 2 boys and a girl all grown up with their own families. Sue has 2 boys and they are all grown up now as well.
It is great to hear about the doings there at Belknap. I am also at and I am an amateur operator, KD4GWB; right now I am off the air and looking for a suitable 2m/70cm rig for the truck.

Hi everyone of class 1970, oh how the time flies. Well I am semi retired right now but that may change. I am scheduled to go over the road again as a tractor traioler driver working for a company in Maine called Hartt Transportation in Bangor.

I have suffered several TIA or mini strokes so I just now figured out how to get into this site. I also have ADD HD and it is helpful to know you have it so it can be used as a blessing instead of the curse it can be.
I am seperated from my third wife Sue and am seeking alpha, ha ha. Anyway it is good to hear from all my past friends Gene Mc Macafrey, Larry Mack et al.
My email is and please write to me those that knew me I’d love to kibbitz.
Sincerely, Dutch aka Sonbeam or Porcupine on CB channel 19.

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