Virginia Biddy O Brien Irwin

Class of ’68. MA in Education from The Ohio State University ’71. Doctoral student at Nova Southeastern University – Present. I live in Newport NH; work for the NH Department of Education as the State Director of Career and Technical Education and Director of the Division of Instruction for 10 years. Now I am the Director of Education for SAU43 (Newport and Croydon) which is the same as the Assistant Superintendent of Schools. Married to Peter Irwin in 1977; two children David and his wife Maggie, and Kate and her husband Kyle. David and Maggie have one son, David James who will be 2 this December. What a joy having a grandchild. My contact information is:
182 Fletcher Road
Newport, NH 03773
603-863-3582 (home)
603-863-3540 (work)
603-520-7038 (cell)

Please help us raise the funds to leave a lasting memorial in the Town of Centre Harbor to celebrate Belknap College. You can send a donation to Belknap College Memorial Fund c/o my address. Thanks and happy memories.

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