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  1. Jim Mulligan says

    Larry Groves, BC 1971, is now on the site

  2. Jim Mulligan says

    Thanks to Sally Meredith, Mickey Terrone and Tio Jose (Uncle Joe) Kaiser for your help. Thank you to those who donated money to the alumni association. You know your names. You are the best… This is a great way to stay in touch with our classmates. If you want to post on the message board, you will need a log in. Email to get set up.

    10/3/09…Hi Larry! A letter will be going out to the NH Music Festival on Monday, October 5, 2009 requesting their permission to put the plaque on or near Founders Hall. We are advising in the letter that the placement of the plaque will not cost them anything and that we will have a fundraiser to pay for the project. Of course we don’t know how long it will take for them to respond, if they even do that. We are waiting for the cost of the engraving on the back-rest of the bench. I don’t know if the granite company will “embed” the plaque into the back-rest of the bench. Something to look into. Gene, ’68.

    Hi Folks, been awhile since I have posted anything. The other day I was thinking about the few times I’ve been back to CH since I left in 1972. The last time was in 1993, spring. I spent the night with my daughter at The Inn at Mill Falls in Meredith. The time before that was May 23, 24, 25, and 26, 1986. I have never read of it on this message board but does anyone recall a Belknap reunion around that time? Founder’s Hall was a B&B and the main events were held there. There was quite a crowd. I still have the paperwork for the event in my yearbook. Anyone have memories or pictures? Amazing to think that event was more than 25 years ago.



    For those of you who played, watched, or knew Belknap soccer players…I seem to recall someone telling me that Mamadou Faal returned to Nigeria(I believe that was his home). Last year completely out of the blue I received a telephone call from Gino Caporizzo. It’s strange,he called and said hi this is Gino Caporizzo and I knew who he was without thinking about it and I haven’t talked with him in 40 years. Gino and Mamadou were wonderful footballers. I recall a tournament game in Manchester. We were playing Hew Hampshire College and the game was tied. When I was 20 I rarely took anything serious, but when I played I took the game serious. For some reason I watched a long kick and underestimated it height and speed. I thought it was going to sail over the net and we’d get the ball. Instead the ball dropped into the net and we were behind by one goal in the final quarter. Mamadou retied the game with one of his wicked kicks and I believe Paul Delgado or Pat Harris kicked in the winning goal. Anyway, I must have talked with Gino for an hour. Strange hat after so many years we still could talk easily. I was very envious because he still plays football. Most days it takes me half an hour just to get out of bed.



    Roger Werner 1 June 2013

    12/29/2012 – It is my sad duty to report the death of Joe Droukas. He passed away yesterday in Kittery, ME, apparent heart attack. If you would like to leave your remembrance of Joe, please visit The Departed by clicking on that link in the left column.

  3. Jim Mulligan says

    I graduated in 1970 with a BS in Physics and moved to Sunnyvale CA. I became Ex Director of a major aerospace company. Thank you Belknap.
    Al Lewis

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