Kirk Shriver

Kirk L. Shriver

I attended Belknap College for two trimesters beginning in the Fall of 1965. I am a Military Vet and I have the fondest memories of my life during the time I spent in Center Harbor. After my military service I went on to get a BA and an MA from Westerm Maryland College which later changed names to McDaniel College. I nearly finished a Doctorate in Educational Administration at The American University. I thoroughly fell in love with New Hampshire in my brief time there. My wife and I spent our honeymoon at the Red Hill Inn.

Well, 50 years later I don’t know where to start. I’m honored to be included because my brief stint at Belknap College profoundly changed my life. I’m in and from Baltimore but instantly fell in love with small town N.H. Unfortunately I don’t remember any of you but hopefully someone might remember me as Spike’s friend. Spike’s real name was Alan Breslow and I gave him the name Spike which is a longer story.

Now that Dr. Marshall is dead I presume there is a grave and perhaps now I will learn to dance. He expelled me for missing curfew. He also accused me of being with an underage girl (she was 18) until 2:30 in the morning, unchaperoned. She actually went to bed around 11:00 pm and I was up until 2:30 talking to her mother. That’s another long story.

Spike and I used to go to the dump and shoot rats. We bought the gun in Meredith, bought ammunition in Minnie’s store, kept the gun in Spikes room and no one thought it particularly odd. Put that in the context of today’s college experiences. Yet another long story.

Perhaps the best fun I had was getting a car (1949 Hudson Commodore) from the junk yard and racing it on the ice when the harbor froze over. There are stories there too.

When I have more time I’ll write more. After Belknap I was swallowed by the military industrial complex, finished a BA in Philosophy, and an MA in Social Studies Education and later a PhD in Educational Administration which I quit when I became a carpenter (it was more fun and paid better). Married twice, got it right the second time, have a son from each marriage ages 35 and 19. I have tried on several occasions to arrange my life to move back to N.H. but I’ve finally given up that dream (for good reasons and another several stories)

I’d like anyone to get in touch with me if they happen to remember me. It was only yesterday that I learned that Alumni means former students. I had thought it was limited to graduates but now I know better so I can add BC to places from which I’m an “alum”.

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