Carlos Makaya

Carlos Makaya passed away in April, 2016.

Carlos Macaya Ortiz was from Costa Rica. He was the son of a Costa Rican diplomat and an early student at Belknap College. Carlos loved cars. He had a collection, one an older Maserati that he drove to the last reunion in Center Harbor. Carlos was involved with Latin NCAP, The Latin New Car Assessment Programme, which was instrumental in bringing safety standards to automobiles sold in Latin America.

Mick Terrone states that “Carlos was a very special individual. He had a wonderful sense of humor and an easy presence in any social circumstance. He had a ready smile and many, many friends. He was an unforgettable member of the Belknap College family, too. He will be missed. RIP.”


  1. Carlos Macaya passed away in 2016 at the age of 72. His connection with FIA Foundation (an independent UK registered charity) provided this final farewell notice to the world.

    an independent UK registered charity

  2. The URL link above was incorrectly posted. My fault. The link should be as follows:

  3. The website ( no longer provides the final farewell notice for Carlos Macaya. I apparently did not save a copy of the tribute. I do have several photos of Carlos and his family if anyone is interested.

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