Paul Lincoln


  1. Andy Matura says

    Paul Lincoln Remembrance

    Paul Lincoln and I couldn’t have disagreed more about politics and the Viet Nam War but somehow we still managed to be friends. You didn’t have to spend a lot of time with him to know that he was a good person, and that was more important. He was a gentle soul who could repair automobile engines and simultaneously earn a Master’s Degree in a science. I never heard him brag (he could have) and I never once saw him say or do anything to intentionally hurt another person. He was a quiet guy but he threw the rip-roarin’-est, hell-raisin’-est party I ever went to in my four years in New Hampshire, out on Lincoln’s Island on the Lake. Whenever Dave Grich and I talk on the phone, we still laugh our heads off when we reminisce about that Party out at Lincoln’s Island.

    After Belknap, Paul got his MS out-of-state but eventually returned to New Hampshire; I went back to NY, and we lost touch. That doesn’t mean I ever changed the way I thought about him. Whenever I spent time with him, I somehow felt easier about things; that’s a quality not a lot of people have. I feel sorry for anyone who never met him, and the World is a sorrier place without him.
    –Andy Matura ‘72

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