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1/25/2010 I think all will agree we had a wonderful weekend of friendship, new & old, at the Courtyard Villa in Lauderdale by the Sea. Frank and I want to thank everyone who had a hand in the planning of the event – it was great. Frank has posted video, just search fmarksjr at youtube.com. […]


1/1/10 Happy New Year…..CLICK ON REUNION 2010…….. If you are or think you will be joining us, post your name! It will give us a better idea of what size place we need. In the past we have used the “MUG” the total capacity is 99 people including employees. maybe to small for us this […]


12/27/09 I hope that we take the time to think of all of our classmates who passed away in 2009 and the past years. I also wish everyone a Happy and healthy New Year and hope to see eveyone at the Reunion in October 2010. Gene McCaffrey


12/25/09 Mick Terrone….I second that emotion! Best wishes to everyone for a wonderful 2010.


12/24/09 Mark & Cindy Gleckman….best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


12/12/09…Hi everyone. It is so sad to see our classmates pass and I guess that is one of the reasons why we are doing with the fundraiser. Please go to the PROJECTS section in the left margin and click on it. There you will see the fundraiser thermometer and a BELKNAP CHEERLEADER. Please send your […]


  12/7/2009 – There will be a memorial service on SatDec.12 starts at 1:00…at Pat & Mary`s house, Glenocke, on Coe Hill Road, Center Harbor …The family would like this to become a story time…with everyone sharing a story about Pat …there will be lots of fun memories

12/03/2009 Larry Mack ’70

  12/03/2009 Larry Mack ’70 Here is the obituary for Paul Lincoln:     MOULTONBOROUGH – Paul Cheney Lincoln, 66, of Moultonborough, passed away at his home, surrounded by his family, on Nov. 29, 2009, after a lengthy illness.     Born on June 20, 1943, in Brockton, Mass., he was the son of George […]


11/30/2009 p-paul lincoln passed away at age 66 november 30


11/26/2009 – it is with sad emotions that I drop this note to you, but Pat Hamilton passed away yesterday up at Dartmouth Hitchcock. His wife Mary has not announced any arrangements yet, but I will drop you a note when I hear from her. They had bought “Glenocke” estate, the old RobRoy McGregor place.


11/24/09 Hello everyone. Just for an FYI, FUNDRAISER letters will be going out to all Amumni who have addresses listed in the “alumni” section here in the website on November 30. The letter will be self-explanatory. Thank you all for your patience. If you have not updated your mailing addresses, please do so now so […]


11/7/09…..Hi Everyone! Please play close attention to the Message Board. We would like for all of you to update your mailing addresses in both the GEOCITIES and ALUMNI areas. Letters will be mailed shorlty in order to begin our fundraiser. IF YOU KNOW ANYONE THAT DOES NOT HAVE THEIR ADDRESSES ON HERE, Please get in […]


11/05/09…Agree totally with Mr. Mack,… on board with all three, but should have definite plans where the sign will be going before we order it. S. Kase ’66


10/28/09…I’m fully on board for the granite bench and BCP4 plaque. I also want a sign, but I’m not sure that should be done until a suitable site has been finalized and the necessary permit or sanction has been granted by the state, town, or private party. The last thing we want is to purchase […]

10/28/09 Steve M

10/28/09…Gene, My vote’s for all three–the sign from Catskill Castings, the bench and the BCP04 plaque. Steve Massas

10/27/09…Hello everyone! Please continue to watch this site. Shortly we will have some news coming in regards to the fundraiser. I will update the cost on the PROJECTS side within a day or so. Gene ’68   10/27/09…Please go to the PROJECTS section in order to get the quotes for ALL of the suggested items. […]


10/27/09 Gene M

10/27/09….We have contacted the New Hampshire Music Festival, the owners of the property that we knew as Founders Hall or the Academic Campus, and we have asked if we could put a plaque on or near Founders Hall. The letter was sent out on October 5, and I called them the week on October 15th […]

sharon Newham Kase ’66

sharon Newham Kase ’66…can’t make the Jan reunion, but will definitely head up to NH for Fall 2010! Awaiting on news of where to send the check.

Gene, ’68.

Hi Jim. We are working on the logistics regarding the accepting of donations. The bank that we choose will be in NH, and we will notify everyone what the name of the bank is and the address. We are also going to have a reunion in the Fall of 2010 when we dedicate the marker, […]

10/7/2009 – Jim McKenzie

10/7/2009 – Jim McKenzie I love the idea of both the green plaque and the bench and would happily contribute to defray costs of both. My email is mckenzie@health.usf.edu if whomever is collecting can contact me as to payment method. I am in the Tampa, Florida area and will try to attend the reunion, though […]


10/6/2009 – Jim Mulligan (941) 456-3034 CALL ME IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS     JANUARY IN FLORIDA     1/22,23,24/2010     Courtyard Villa and The Buena Vista 4312 El Mar Dr, Lauderdale -by-the-Sea, FL 33308     MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS IMMEDIATELY IF YOU WANT TO STAY HERE. THERE ARE ONLY 18 ROOMS TOTAL IN […]


10/6/09…Today’s count. GREEN MARKER…..5 BENCH…..3 PLAQUE…..1 MARKER & BENCH…..3 PLAQUE & BENCH…..2  

10/4/09….Hi again Larry.

10/4/09….Hi again Larry. I suspect that this Edward Dane is probably the son of our Trustee, but that is a guess. I don’t remember any Dane going there, but I could be wrong. At any rate, the letter will be going to Deborah Karis Graham who is the Dirctor of Community Development. Gene.

10/3/09 Larry Mack

10/3/09…..Hi Gene. According to the NHMF web site, there is an Edward N Dane on the Board of Directors. He might be a good contact if he is related to the Edward Dane who served as chairman of the college board of trustees for a good many years. Larry Mack

10/3/09…..Hi Mike

10/3/09…..Hi Mike. What has been discussed, over the last several months, and I’m guessing more than a couple of hundred emails between, Biddy (O’Brien) Irwin, Mike Sehl, Jim Mulligan, Henry Scarfo and myself, is to have the bench, which will have the College Seal on the back-rest along with the wording that will say, or […]

10/3/09….Hey Gene

10/3/09….Hey Gene, a few questions. Has a decision been made to place a plaque and/or bench at Founders Hall if the NHMF gives an OK? What about access to the property now or later if it changes hands? Is there going to be anything in the town? If the intent of the marker and bench […]


10/02….Another vote for the green marker and sign/bench combo. Feel the sign is the most important and it would probably get the most visibility down near the center of town. A bench in the park is a good idea, but even better would be to have it “up on the hill” by Founders Hall. The […]


10/2….The green marker sign & bench combination. The plaque might be too contemporary, without a Belknap look or feel to it. Mark Gleckman


10/1/09… The count as of today GREEN MARKER…..5 BENCH…..4 PLAQUE…..1 MARKER & BENCH…..3 PLAQUE & BENCH…..2


10/1/09…Hi Mick. I just checked the minutes of the Selectmen’s Meeting of 9/16/09. The new park w  

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