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  9/22/10 – 31 Days until the Reunion! See you on the 23rd of October! Gene, ’68


9/12/10 A while back Henry Scarfo and Jim Mulligan contacted me about the closing of Belknap College. These are some of the thoughts I passed along to them. They are meant to shed some light for our earlier alumni as to what happened that last final year. There are many stories that I hope others […]


9/6/2010 – James V. Neufell, Sr, father of Belknap grads, Jim Neufell and Judy Neufell Karr, passed today. He and his wife, Jim’s and Judy’s mom Angelina were loved by Belknapians. They always welcomed us into their home and if we were just stopping by, Mrs. Neuf always a great Italian dinner. They were truly […]


9/3/10–Fifty (50) days before the reunion! Have you signed up at REUNION 2010? If not, please do so, so that Mona Phillips has an idea as to who will be coming. There are over 100 people already signed up! The bench and the sign have both been engraved and maufactured. See you all on the […]


8/26/10 – 1970 Belknap Yearbook wanted!!! If you graduated from BC in 1971 or 1972 and don’t have your senior class yearbook, I’d be happy to trade with you even up for a 1970 yearbook. If you just happen to have a 1970 yearbook hanging around that you wouldn’t mind selling for cash (and a […]


8/22/10–I just read the article on the website. There IS some information that is NOT correct. The names of those that contributed will NOT appear on the bench. Please go to the PROJECTS section of here to get a written description of what the bench will look like. Gene’68.

Ken Sutelman

I just got the word that the Laconia Citizen will publish an article about the upcoming dedication and reunion weekend in the Sunday’s (8-22-10) Citizen at: www.citizen.com look under the “friends & neighbors” section!!!     Ken Sutelman

8/14/10 WHO IS CHICO?

8/14/10 WHO IS CHICO?     ——————————————————————————–     Where is Chico?   To my knowledge he still lives in New Hampton area.   A student 1972, then a house parent, his wife’s name was Pat. I think he wrote and put on a play called “Boxes”.


8/13/2010 – Okay, how about just three pieces of music? 8/02/2010 – I am looking for some Belknap Talent for the dedication ceremony on October 23rd, 2010 in Center Harbor. It would be nice if we could have someone or three playing accoustic instruments for about a half an hour before the actual introductions begin. […]

7/13/2010 Diane Kamercia Kline

7/13/2010 Diane Kamercia Kline passed away this afternoon at 2:30. Please post your memories of this wonderful, loving, kind and generous woman on her page   7/15/2010 – There will be vistiation for Diane Kamercia Kline at Mayhew Funeral Home in Meredith (204 Daniel Webster Highway Meredith, NH 03253(603) 279-4007)on Friday, 7-16. On Saturday, there […]


7/13/10 Jimmy Fee, Class of 1970, passed away suddenly at his home in Harrisburg, PA on June 4, 2010.


7/3/10 Just a REMINDER to everyone coming or planning to come to the Reunion/Dedication in October. The CENTER HARBOR INN is giving a 20% DISCOUNT to ALL Belknap Alumni for that weekend of October 22-24, 2010. When you call for RESERVATIONS, make sure you let them know that you are attending the REUNION. Gene’ 68.


7/2/2010 – I am trying to track down a couple of people – Bill Fraser is signed up with a ? for the reunion – If anybody knows how I can get in touch with him – please send me the info email kcboy0@yahoo.com. I found Paul Southwick – he will be putting information on […]


6/19/2020-John Chappell passed away june 9/2010


6/8/2010 – Just in case you have not seen the notice, we will be having another reunion in October…


UPDATE ON BELKNAP COLLEGE MEMORIAL FUND & OCTOBER 22-24, 2010 REUNION     Hello Belknap College Alumni:     Thanks to alumni, faculty, administrators, and friends of Belknap College, we have raised $6,125 to purchase, install and dedicate a granite bench and a historical marker. This will occur October 23rd in Center Harbor. The project […]


5/12/10…Thank you to everyone who was able to donate something. And we know that there are many out there who could not donate due to the economic conditions, and to them a thank you also for your hopes and thoughts. We are in the process of getting the Committee’s approval of the wording on the […]


5/9…. Happy Mothers Day to all. The Gleckmans


4/27/10….I have spoken with the CENTER HARBOR INN, and Harry the Manager, said that he would offer a 20%-30% GROUP DISCOUNT to for the Reunion/Dedication weekend in October. The Inn officially opens May 1st. When/if you call for Reservations, MENTION that you are attending the BELKNAP COLLEGE REUNION, OCTOBER 22, 2010 – OCTOBER 24, 2010 […]


4/22/10 It is important to know how many Belknapians will attend the reunion in October 2010! The Saturday Night Event with a “Band” can hold 175 people. We MUST know if we will need more space. PLEASE, if you even think you will attend, click on REUNION 2010 page on the sidebar and sign up. […]

4/13/10 Mona

4/13/10 I asked The Inns and Spa at Mills Falls if the would once again extend a group rate for the reunion weekend, they said no for the weekend. They would do group rate during the week. I think the only exception would be if we were booking a “Ball Room” from them. We could […]


4/13/10 At the last reunion there was a group rate available at the Inns and Spa at Mills Falls. Anything similar this year? Steve Massas


4/12/2010 I’m looking for two classmates from way back in 1966 – Flip Felice (originally from New Jersey) and Mike Hahn (originally from Pennsylvania). If anyone has contact with them and has their addresses/phone numbers/email addresses please send the info along to me at mdsehl@earthlink.net (of course if they are in a witness protection program, […]


4/10/10 Looking for lodging and dining information, Reunion/Dedication weekend October 22-24,2010 is right around the bend! Check out Meredith NH Chamber of Commerce www.meredithcc.org Great Info. mona ’72


4/9/10…Hi Everyone! We are ever so close! All we have to do is raise $765.00 and we’ve made our Goal! If you have not donated please do so if you are able. Even if you have NOT been able to donate, please consider coming to the reunion on October 22-24 2010 in Center Harbor. Great […]


3/16/10…Hi Christine. You came to Belknap after I graduated in 1968. We are going to have a reunion the weekend of October 22 through Sunday the 24th of October of this year. We will dedicate a marker and bench to Belknap and to the town of Center Harbor and also get reaquainted with our classmates. […]


3/15/2010 – Hi, all. I taught French at Belknap College from 1969 – 1973. I currently live in the Los Angeles area. Gail Hines let me know that there might be a reunion taking place in late 2010 and I was wondering if there was any news available. Thanks so much. Christine Stanley


2/21/2010 – See an interesting article on the founding of Belknap College by Thomas C. Devitt on the MEMORIES4 page.


2/16/2010 – We are getting very close to our project goal and only need a little more to get there. If you have not made a donation, please consider one now. Anything will help. Click on PROJECTS in the left tool bar to see how far we’ve come and to learn about the projects. You […]


2/5/10 Hi everyone! We have some updated information regarding our hope to place a plaque in or near the old Founders Hall. Right now the building and property is owned by the New Hampshire Music Festival. I received an email from them yesterday, 2/4/10, and they informed us that they are going to sell the […]

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