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9/27/11 – Royal M Frye and Royal D Frey are two different people. Col Royal Frey was a famous member of the Air Force. The bench is for him. Google Royal Frey. Bill 66   9/27 – Thanks Bill and Gene for your responses. I thought it was strange to find Dr. Frye’s name on […]


9/26/11–Hi Rich. Sorry for the delay in getting the info on Dr. Fyre. According to what i have been able to get, Dr. Frye worked for the USAAF during WW II in the Air Materiel Command. When the Air Force became a seperate service they retained the name but made a slight change to Air […]

Above is Google translation–Steve Massas

9/20/11 Gerade entdeckt diese site.Interesting Fotos obwohl viele der Namen und Gesichter mir unbekannt sind. Vielleicht die Jahre haben ihre Spuren auf dem Speicher entnommen. Der Lauf der Zeit hat einen Weg gefunden zu bewirken viele Dinge. Unsere Ansichten über Leben und Tod, die Bedeutung des Materials im Vergleich zu spirituellen Reichtum. Am wichtigsten ist […]


9/13 I recently went to the Air Force Museum at Dayton, OH and in the memorial park there is a bench with the name Royal M. Frey. Is this the same Royal M. Frye as the founder? I noted the difference in spelling however what are the chances of two Royal M.s. THx Rich DeTommaso […]

Mel Borin

9/11 – Sad news. Our friend Mel Borin passed away Thursday, 9/8/2011

8/20 Belknapian makes good!

8/20 – JBM – Belknapian makes good! – Read this article about hurricane forecasting in The Christian Science Monitor which in large part is taken from an interview with the Director of NOAA’s Hurricane Research Div., Belknap’s own Dr. Frank Marks: http://www.csmonitor.com/Science/2011/0815/Fine-art-of-hurricane-tracking-Push-is-on-for-the-7-day-forecast     Frank is the scientist who tasks the research plane crews and […]

8/5/11 – Mick Terrone

8/5/11 – Mick Terrone – To add to Mark’s comments, I can confirm that it was only the issue of finances and Belknap’s ultimate inability to secure the HUD Grant for our permanent library the sounded the death knell for the college. The entire administration worked long and hard to secure the grant. And that […]


07/21/11…Tom Berman. Founders Hall/Red Hill Inn may have been for sale for $1695000 in April, but now it’s up for auction on July 24th. http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/photopanel.cgi?listingid=1161084&category=0&zip=04041&kwd     ——————————————————————————–      


7/17/11….Mark Gleckman. Very mixed feelings on Suellyn’s previous post. Attending Belknap reunions and staying connected to a number very good friends Cindy and I made during our years in Center Harbor makes it obvious how important a role the school played in our lives. How it evolved from the mid-late 60’s until its closing was […]

7/07/2011 (Ken Sutelman)

7/07/2011 (Ken Sutelman) – 2011 Belknap “get together” . . . . . EVERYONE WILL BE EMAILED THE DETAILS AT THE BEGINNING OF AUGUST . . . . . DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH THE 50th ANNIVERSARY REUNION SCHEDULED FOR OCTOBER 2013. This will be a smaller get together of those who can be in […]


6/22/2011 – Hi everyone. I was asked by the Center Harbor Historical Society to give a brief history of Belknap College on October 20, 2011. I don’t know why they asked me, but I have started to make notes.     I am hoping that many of you can give me some highlights of your […]

Abbott E. Rice, Sr

Abbott E. Rice, Sr. 79, a 40-year resident of Hudson died peacefully at his home in the presence of his loving family on Thursday April 28, 2011, following a brief illness.

April 10, 2011

April 10, 2011 – Don Leavitt, a former Belknap College student was one of the two guys who bought the Belknap College Estate. The former Founders Hall was in serious disrepair when they bought it, but they did extensive renovations and turned it into the Red Hill Inn. They would give discounts to former Belknap […]

April 8, 2011

April 8, 2011     http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-Detail/52-Symphony-Ln_Center-Harbor_NH_03226_M35943-20649     Above is the Realtor.com/Coldwell Banker listing for $1,695,000 for Founders Hall (now called 52 Symphony Lane). Check out the 24 pictures. It has 11,000 finished square feet along with 9 bedrooms, 12 baths and 56.7 acres and the other buildings on the old campus. Considering that it […]

April 7, 2011

April 7, 2011 – I happened to go onto the New Hampshire Music Festival website the other day, and I read that they have put their Center Harbor location up for sale. That of couse was Founders Hall when we all went to Belknap. The price for the buildings and land was appraised by Coldwater-Banker […]

March 3, 2011

  March 3, 2011     Major kudos to Fat Wally for effectively promoting his town and the Jersey Shore. Moreover, he showed remarkable restraint by: 1. Not mentioning he needed a ride to the river from Hartung because “The Healy was back in the shop”;) 2. Not mentioning he was unanimously voted as having […]

01/26/2011 Mo Rocca and alum John Ekdahl

  01/26/2011 For NJ graduates Mo Rocca and alum John Ekdahl visit NJ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9gpyms1OUc   February 7th 2011   Mo Rocca and John Ekdahl – That was a great editorial about New Jersey. I was born in Wildwood (by the Sea) NJ. I can’t even imagine a summer without a visit to the Jersey Shore […]

Diane K. Kline Memorial Scholarship Fund

01/17/2011 – Thanks to everyone that donated to The Diane K. Kline Memorial Scholarship Fund. The Launch-A-Wish was a success thanks to many of the generous Belknap friends. GDW     Watch the video of the launch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD2iC4Bubc4  


12/23/10 – I want to repeat what Dave Warlik has said and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Health Happy New Year. Gene McCaffrey ’68


12/22 – Just want to say Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all my fellow Belkanpians.- Dave Warlik “72”


12/12   The family of Diane Kamercia Kline has set up a scholarship fund in her memory. Scholarships will be awarded to individuals from New Hampshire’s Lake Region that wish to further their education. A “Launch-a-Wish” will be held on January 15th at 4:30 pm at Moulton’s Farm in Meredith. Lanterns can be purchased for […]


11/25…. Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving to all. The Gleckmans


11/8/10 — I have learned that many Belknap graduates went on to graduate school and received Masters degrees. I am interested in knowing about the Belknap graduates who went on to receive Doctoral degrees. I am interested in writing an article about this because Belknap was “unaccredited,” but had very intelligent people attending the college. […]


10/29/10–A black & red bag with some camera equipment was left at The Mug..Contact Amy themug@roadrunner.com. Mona ’72


10/27/10 – – If you would like to see pictures, a newspaper article and a video of the reunion, go to the right Margin and click on REUNION 2010 and scroll down just a bit. Gene ’68


10/25/10 – – The Reunion is over, how did that happen so quickly????? What a wonderful time we all had! We met friends that we had not seen in years. Mona Phillips and her group did a fantastic job in getting the MUG, COE HOUSE and the WAUKEWAN. Before we all knew it was time […]


    The Mug can hold up to 99 people. It will be all Belknap Friday night.     10/18/2010 – I received the sad news that Ike Meredith passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack. His death occurred about a week ago.     ——————————————————————————–     10/18/10 – Probably not if we get […]


10/10/10 – – – I can’t believe it’s less than 2 weeks before the reunion!!!!

Are you going to the reunion?

Are you going to the reunion?   This is Miles .I am 60 years old. I still have long red hair.On 10/09 I saw Doug Johnson he lives in Hampton NH.


10/4/2010     Belknap Reunion / Dedication October 22-24, 2010     Friday, October 22, 2010     *8:00 PM Welcome-Evening at “The Mug” (62 Daniel Webster Hwy, Center Harbor)     Music by David Young     *7:00 PM-The Mug is reserved for Belknapians who wish to dine there before the reunion party begins. […]

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