Belknap Military Vets

Dominic F. “Mickey” Terrone, ’70

12/29/10 Gentlemen: As a Belknap alumnus and former member of the 368th Engineers Battalion (US Army Reserves) in Laconia, I can assure you there is no validity whatsoever to the charge that Belknap College was established as a draft dodge. Drs. Frye and Brigham had worked hard for years to found a college, beginning with […]

Ed Kimmel

Dear Mr. Drenkhahn, When I first read the mail from Jim I too was upset. I blew off the destructive steam to my former roommate at Belknap, Mr. Lou McCloskey, and another long time friend Ralph Spayd, both veterans, from whom you have already received a response. Once I settled down, I gave this some […]

Richard Dixon, John Burkes, Ed Holmes, John Stansfield

Hi Jim, Just for the record, Richard Dixon, John Burkes, Ed Holmes, John Stansfield all did 4 year stints in the Air Force following graduation. Sherry Dixon

Rosemary Spicuzza

12/29/2010-Rosemary Spicuzza I attended Belknap College from 1968-1972. Since I am a woman, he cannot accuse me of going to Belknap to dodge the draft. However, I do have something to say to this man. All eight of my uncles served in the military during WWII and the Korean War. One fought in the Normandy […]

Drew Cochrane

I served in the U.S. Army reserve for six years, and have an honorable discharge. There were many from the class of ’68 that served in the military. Drew Cochrane

Andy Matura

I served in the Army between November 1965 and August 1968. I attended Belknap College between September 1968 and June 1972 when I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Meteorology. During my Freshman Year, I was awarded the Charles Ahonen Full Tuition Scholarship which remained with me until I graduated. Based on my […]

Stanley Czapka

Stanley Czapka I graduated from Belknap in spring of 1972 and joined the New Jersey National Gard and served till 1978.

Mick Terrone

Jim: Thanks for the note. The job you did to rally us “troops” has been awesome. I’m VERY impressed by the terrific responses from all our alumni veterans, yet I’d bet there are many, many more alumni who haven’t read anything about this issue or couldn’t be bothered to honor the redneck with a response. […]

Jay Newlands 1969-1972

I served in the Army twice. The first time from Jan 1966 to Dec 1968. After graduating I joined the Army Reserve and then in Jul 1975 I rejoined the Army and served until 1983 getting out as a Sergeant First Class (E7). Also while I was at Belknap two of my roommates had also […]

Ken Sutelman

Thanks for the “heads-up”. I am a Vietnam Vet and served two years (1967 – 1968during the “conflict”. I will not tell you what I think of this person from Tuftonboro, but he obviously has nothing to do but bitch and moan. Does that mean any plaques put up by any colleges or universities in […]

Robert W. Zewski

Richard Drenkhahn, Chair Board of Selectman Town of Center Harbor Center Harbor, NH 03226 Dear Mr. Drenkhahn: This is in response to your electronic mail to Biddy (Virginia) O’Brien regarding the new sign and bench for Belknap College. I am a graduate of Belknap and am puzzled by the comments made regarding the students at […]

Charlie Roberts

Dear Mr. Drenkhahn: My name is Charlie Roberts I am orginally from Meredith and graduated from Inter Lakes High School. I entered the the US Navy having been drafted in 1962. I was on a destroyer Uss DD936 Decatur and served in the Cuban Missle crisis and the Lebanon crisis and served additional time over […]

Stan Braisted Belknap ’73 LCDR, USN (Ret)

Dear Mr. Drenkhahn, Please permit me to weigh in on the question of whether or not it is appropriate for Center Harbor to commemorate Belknap College. Perhaps the most accurate statement that can be made about Belknap College is, in fact, that the college was not very different from others of the time. I would […]

Russ Medbery

I was in the USAF Reserves when I started at Belknapcollege in 1964. I completed my obligation June 23 , 1969 at Westover, MA Russ Medbery

Note from Donald L. Taylor, Former Associate Dean of Students

01-06-11 I served as the Associate Dean of Students at Belknap from 1969 to 1972, and would like to respond to the issue raised by the gentleman from Tuftonborough, re: that Belknap College was a haven for “draft dodgers”.  First, however, I would like to thank him for serving and tell him that I respect […]

Peter Beharrell Class of 1967

During the period of the Viet Nam War, whether you went to Harvard, Yale, Boston College or Belknap College, you were allowed a deferment as long as you were a full time student. Once you Graduated or dropped out you either had to enlist in the Military or receive a Draft Notice. Some un-patriotic individual’s […]

Belknap Brigade 368th Engineers Battalion, U.S. Army Reserves, Laconia, N.H.

12/29/2010 – If anyone doubts the patriotism or loyalty of Belknap students, they should look at this picture of the Belknap Brigade:     This is the Belknap Brigade – Belknap College students who were members of the 368th Engineers Battalion, U.S. Army Reserves, Laconia, N.H.   Pictured are: (Front row) L to R: John […]

Gene McCaffrey

12/29/10 – After I graduated from Belknap in 1968, I received my “Greetings” and instead of waiting to be inducted into the Army, I enlisted into the Air Force. I went to Basic at Lackland AFB, TX and then to Sheppard AFB, TX for Tech School. I graduated with honors as a Medical Service Specialist, […]

Mike Sehl

12/28/2010 – I attended Belknap College during the scholastic years September 1964 through May 1966. I attended the Southeast Asian War Games in the Republic of South Viet Nam during the period of October 1968 through the middle of February 1969 when I was brought home on emergency leave due to illness in my family. […]

Captain William J. Bowne, USAF (Retired)

12/28/10 – This is in answer to the e-mail asking for those of us with military experience to post: I attended Belknap from 1972 through its closure, after which I transferred to Lyndon State with most of the rest of the weather classes. Family pressures forced me to drop out of Lyndon State, after which […]

Suellyn (Su) Nancarrow Hunt

7/14/11: I attended Belknap Collegw from 1967 to 1971. I never thought of my school as a haven for draft dodgers. Many good friends served in the service before and after attending Belknap. The school changed drastically after the DR. FRYE left and not for the better. I am sorry Dean Taylor, you and your […]

Dave Dubia

I lived in Dane House until the next to last semester of the school. I remember at least 2 guys who were there on some kind of veteran program. I am sure there were others. As the father of a son who is serving his second tour of Iraq this kind of attitude pisses me […]

Jan Sterling, Belknap College ’71

I attended Belknap college from 1969-71 graduating with a BS in Meteorology. I accepted a job as a cartographer with the Defense Mapping Agency/Hyrographic-Topographic Center (DMA/HTC) in Brookmont, MD in 1980. DMA/HTC is now known as the National Geospatial Agency (NGA). I then transferred to the Rome Air Development Center (RADC) which became the Rome […]


A Page to Honor Belknapians Who Served in the United States Armed Forces In response to the public suggestion that Belknap College existed as a draft dodge, the Belknap College alumni community has herewith expressed itself quite clearly in the correspondences that follow. Drs. Royal M. Frye and Virginia M. Brigham, along with a distinguished […]

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